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Since September

A lot of things happened since my last post in September:

- Started training a student teacher
- Student teacher was made to withdraw from placement due to attendance and assignment turn in issues… 80 more words

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I wish my SPAM comments weren't SPAM :(

I was cleaning up my SPAM comments when I noticed something weird, these spammers who obviously are working on those ‘Paid to Comment’ sites sure make very touching messages, despite not reading my post, I was smiling sincerely as I read them. 17 more words


The difference between Freedom & Slavery in one thin line...

The difference between Freedom & Slavery in one thin line…

Saw this picture with this caption on 9gag, I’m a bit 9gag addicted at the moment, and I found it too good to not share it.

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14.11 Challenge Update 19

“Don’t get bored” – Hilary Swank

This has got to be the best advice I could have gotten today. I was listening to the Nerdist podcast and it was featuring actress Hilary Swank, and it was a another usual nerdist podcast but as Chris and her were talking the topic of getting bored got up and that’s were we get the quote.

102 more words
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The homophobia argument in a nutshell

I’m on a diet, so it’s a sin for you to eat cookies.

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ChildLine are a fantastic organisation. They are a massive help to children who are experiencing bullying. If you need help, just call them on 0800 1111.

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14.11 Challenge Update 17

So my tech hiatus was a failure.

Being a computer teacher, it is almost impossible to stay away from your gadgets because they are integral to delivering my topics. 173 more words

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