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[Mission Battle] Nostalgia Forest - First Try

Forgive us the bad gameplay, it was the first try and we did not really know how EST did design this battlefield. The battle itself is fun, you do not need to wait for full SP before you enter…

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[Dungeon] Test Server - Forbidden Island - Queen Calamity - Audio Guide (Cabal Online)

This guide shows you how to complete the Forbidden Island dungeon with the Queen Calamity ending. The video was recorded on the Test Server of Cabal Online Europe. Check my blog: http://cfvision….

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Capivara faz 'passeio' pelo Centro e surpreende comerciantes| Bonito Informa

July 17, 2014 Campo Grande, Brazil

A capybara who strolled the center of Campo Grande, surprised vendors on September 7th Street, near the corner of Rua Rui Barbosa, this morning. 306 more words

Dobbye's Day

Go Girl!

I usually only post my JME videos here, but this is definately an exception!

You can now pre-0rder AWAKENING at amazon.com and itunes

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[Event] Soccer Event 2014 - FI Riot Spot

To farm at riot you can just kill the mobs at his place over and over again. Best is to kill two groups of mobs, the ones at riot and the ones at arcshielder. 7 more words

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[Event] Soccer Event 2014 - IC2 Fire Traps

This video was made after 2 hours of waiting in IC2. Just let the Gni spawn and it will constantly spawn fire traps. Don’t be surprised that there are very few traps, 90% of them will be on…

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