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Family of capybaras enjoys stroll at Catalan Dam | G1

I am still melancholy about Brazil and enjoy tracking capybaras in the news from there. They do love their capybaras, and appreciate their unique quirkiness so much! 264 more words

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[Dungeon] Old Chaos Arena Lv.6 - Wizard Solo

My first CA6 solo after the update. Not a good run since it was my first, but finished. As soon as I am back home I’ll make one of the Eternal Chaos Arena, keep checking!

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Fossil From Dinosaur Era Reveals Big Mammal With Super Senses

There’s no scientific evidence to prove it, but this rodent is certainly cuter than the dinosaurs he had to hide from.
The skull was accidentally found by researchers who were looking for fish fossils. 34 more words

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