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Epi-Pen Sculpture

I made this sculpture as part of a Research Studio project where we had to display an object of importance to us in some manner. I chose my Epi-Pen because having allergies to almost all fruits and vegetables means I carry this medicine with me wherever I go. 105 more words

Other Work


c3 Contemporary Art Space at the Abbotsford Convent .

Ignition aims to animate a liminal space between bodies and matter. Primarily employing clay, a material connected to bodily composition and nourishment; Cassel earth pigment, a powder made of brown coal; and ‘dental-stone’, a plaster used in the creation of prosthetics and dental procedures. 169 more words



This was my entry to the Norman McLaren Wall to Wall competition - which celebrates his 100th anniversary by projecting new works inspired by his films onto the facades of large buildings in Montreal from April to June this year. 320 more words


I did the above quite quickly as some digital painting practise to warm up before starting paintings for my individual field project, and just felt like sharing it, since I was using a different painting technique than I usually do, and did it pretty fast, without reference, and with only a vague idea of what I was going for.   66 more words

Other Work

Monday muse: Frank Laws and Gareth Proskourine Barnett

Become the urban flâneur, use photos to inform practise, research informing work.  Talking about how inspiration was taken from, “The Situationist International.”  There were quite a lot of allusions to what we’re covering in constellation to do with order and disorder regarding the making of the cities and the rise of rationalism.   590 more words