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Swimming pools had nothing on the ocean, she thought as she waded further out into the vast expanse of of the undulating turquoise waters. And she was right, as the shark encircled her, taking his time. 31 more words


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Christopher Smart's Jubilate Agno - Edited and Introduced by R J Dent

After many years, Christopher Smart’s bold, eccentric, powerful and moving epic poem Jubilate Agno is finally available to readers in a brand new, accessible edition. 221 more words

R J Dent

3 Types Of People You Don't Need In Your Life

We all have certain individuals in our lives who don’t benefit us but oddly enough we keep them around. Days, months and years go by and these individuals take everything out of us. 1,253 more words


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Rather have an enemy who towards you will not hide their frowns.. Instead of a friend who secretly wants to always put you down...

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

I stumbled upon an essay by Mark Manson yesterday—The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck—and it was a fucking awesome. It couldn’t have knocked on my door at a better time in my life, right when I was in desperate need a small little shake of reality about what’s important. 329 more words


Get Clear on What You Want for 2015

I love Jack Canfield. He’s always inspiring and offering great advice on how we can be the best version of ourselves and meet our goals. Recently he published a blog about goals for 2015. 1,014 more words