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Abnormal numbers of fingers and toes

Polydactyly, also known as hyperdactyly, is a condition in which a baby is born with extra digits, for example six fingers (or six digits, to be technically accurate) on a hand or six toes on a foot. 335 more words


A “Sticky” Situation: Persistent Gender Gap

Interesting US study and chart showing persistence of the gender wage gap, increasing by level:

This is what economists call the “sticky floor” theory of the gender wage gap.

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Canada becomes more unequal, but good policies could halt that: TD Bank

When the banks start worrying about rising inequality ….

But author Craig Alexander says rising inequality is bad for the economy – both because it leaves lower income people with less to spend and because it stalls opportunity for children and youth.

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Treatments of Hypothyroidism

The symptoms of hypothyroidism often tend to be similar to those of other disorders (for example, mood swings can also be considered to be a symptom of stress). 529 more words


Latest Stitch Fix - I need your help!

Hey there!

T-minus 1 day until Turkey Day! I hope you all have some great plans with family, friends, and all your loved ones. We are keeping it low key this year and not traveling which is actually a blessing with all of this crazy weather about to hit DC! 369 more words


More trouble for Merck

Already embroiled in a scandal over fake scientific journals it funded to promote its products, pharma giant Merck & Co. is now the subject of a law suit alleging that it misled customers into charging too much for prescriptions of cholesterol pills. 372 more words