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Baby Newsie Hat

Baby Newsie Hat by Bekah Knits

Bobby Pin Bow Ties by Fancy Cat Patterns

Hey look I’m alive! I’ve been slacking on posting some of the things I’ve been making over the past year, so I’m hoping to get back into the habit. 119 more words



When I moved to Seattle it was under the guise of creating a theatre.
Like many fringe and near fringe companies we had passion, drive, and were going to change the way people looked at theatre. 451 more words


Flight 2553 to San Antonio (Part 1)

Barely made my connection in Atlanta with only seconds to spare given I’m moving with all the grace and dexterity of a newborn baby deer.  I was, however, rewarded for my efforts with two vacant seats beside me.  295 more words


Of Fortunate Accidents.

Here’s something I’m certain my mother wouldn’t be proud of but I can’t keep mum over it any longer. In the past week, I have had some rather meaningful and decent conversations with two complete strangers. 926 more words


Flight 2443 to Atlanta

Exactly 48 hours ago I was completing the Half Ironman portion of my Increddouble Triathlon Weekend in Sacketts Harbour, NY and, now, here I am at the airport limping like an arthritic giraffe down to Gate 22 (figures it have to be the gate all the way at the ass end of the terminal); so the motion isn’t too quick this morning – believe me.  456 more words


Sherlock quote of the day - serial killer... there's always something to look forward to!

We’ve got a serial killer on our hands. Love those, there’s always something to look forward to.” – Sherlock, A Study in Pink… 53 more words


Red Alert 📢

Due to a very derped-up WordPress and it not understanding what I wanted to do, it deleted my blog.

I am so mad right now I want to strangle somebody. 31 more words