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WOTD 21. Oct

My kokoro goes doki doki

“Kokoro” is Japanese for heart, while “doki doki” is an onomatopeia for heartbeat. This phrase is often used ironically or in a humorous context to express admiration or love. 16 more words


WOTD 20. Oct

Pearl Necklace

The glorious culmination of tit-fucking, in which you spray-paint your manjuice all over a girls tits, shoulders, neck, and with a bit of luck, chin. 62 more words


Matte or Glossy Center Console? It depends on your order spec!

A Huracan owner over at Lamborghini Talk wondered why his dash A/C vents and center console were done in a matte finish instead of the glossy finish. 69 more words



Due to update on RapidWeaver 6 software update im unable to upload new post on http://www.ahousewife.com . I have talked to them, and they are trying to fixing the problem asap. 38 more words


Of Course I Didn’t Invite You To Hang Out….You Have Kids!

One of the problems with being friends with someone who has a kid is that they can never really hang out. There are always excuses so sometimes it gets to the point where I just stop asking them to go places with me altogether. 467 more words

A New My Sites Section

My Sites just got a new look, but more importantly, it got a technical overhaul, making the page dramatically faster and more powerful.

From one central location, scan and select any of your WordPress sites or create new ones with the support of a more visual interface. 107 more words


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