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Angry rant on PowerPoint/Prezi presentations

No papers, assignments or reviews today. Today we are going to talk about PowerPoint/Prezi presentations, which I really hate.

I’ve got an impression that most of people think that presentations magically grab attention of listeners and make the whole performance more amusing and entertaining. 772 more words


bewijs met Pieter Cloo (opvolger Demmink) en e-mail van boer croon. het zegt genoeg. maar er is zelfs meer bewijs.

Until recently, Joris Demmink was the SG of the ministry of Justice. Now Pieter Cloo is. When I worked at Boer & Croon consulting, he was overseeing the gang stalking team of Beatrix that was positioned at Boer & Croon to monitor and destroy me. 189 more words


This Video Proves Why Adopting A Dog Will Get You Into "Something Good"

Yes, I know it isn’t related to photography, but it is related with a project that I am developing. And the final message from video strikes very close to home.



Favourite book


This is my favourite book.Its name’s The fault in our stars, but this is hungarian edition. This story is amaizing, but sad.:( The girl is cancerous and she will die, but she falls in love a boy. 29 more words


Prinsip Kerja Inkubator Bayi  

Fungsi Pesawat Baby incubator

Pesawat Baby incubator merupakan salah satu pesawat yang mempunyai fungsi sebagai perawatan dan penyesuaian suhu ( penghangat) bagi bayi yang lahir premature atau lahir dini. 146 more words



  1. Pengertian.

Ventilator adalah suatu alat yang digunakan untuk membantu sebagian atau seluruh proses ventilasi untuk mempertahankan oksigenasi.

  1. Indikasi Pemasangan Ventilator
  2. Pasien dengan respiratory failure (gagal napas)
  3. 3,016 more words