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Detox Foot Patches: Are These Pads Really Nature's Way to Cleanse Your Body of Harmful Toxins?

As we age, many of us start to shed the reckless behavior of youth and actually think about what we put into our bodies. Over the years, we’ve polluted it with bad air, bad drink, bad food and other bad habits. 306 more words


The Seriousness Of Communist And Nazi Crimes: WWII Not Only About The Holocaust And The Pacific

Nazi Germany wanted to incorporate Estonia into Third Reich, despite that Estonia had signed neutrality pacts both with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Estonia was one of the biggest killing fields during WWII. 196 more words


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10 Solid Reasons to Open Your Third Eye and Meet Your Spiritual Guides

Your friends and family will probably think you’re a few chakras short of an aura (after all, most grown adults don’t usually talk to imaginary friends) but opening your third eye and contacting your spirit guides is a lot of fun and it can improve your life in countless ways. 46 more words


Gotland through Instagram


So I went to Gotland this past week to visit my friend and classmate Maja, but I didn’t bring my camera so here are some Instagram photos from the trip. 17 more words

The New Children of Planet Earth: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

Many children being born today are quite unique and different from prior generations. These new children are more connected as they remember our spiritual connection. Each child expresses and experiences it in unique ways. 242 more words


Special SAMHSA In-Service Now Available Online

This in-service was recorded on May 15 at SAMHSA.  The special 1-hour seminar reviews the unique world that today’s teens live in, with influences such as culture, technology, social media, and life experiences, including unfortunate traumatic events.   102 more words

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Courgette pie

Courgettes are very popular in Slovenia this time of the year. Almost every garden grows them and they are booming so we eat a lot of them..:) I still did not run out of ideas what to do with them, because they can go great with lot of different things, even desserts, but about that maybe next time. 316 more words

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