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My Mind; Creatures

It’s an eve where sleep has decided not to befriend me. I suppose it’s the anxiety for the days to come. It’s silly how the future, such a large unknown entity can cause us madness really…pure and utter madness. 145 more words

The Inner Monster: Alien and It! The Terror from Beyond Space

For Sound on Sight:

Otherness is the inevitable theme of films dealing with extraterrestrials. They are the ultimate foreigners, organisms who inhabit planets unlike our own. 206 more words


Hiking Mount Whitney

Driving up to our campsite at Whitney Portal from the high desert town of Lone Pine I felt intimated by my first glimpse of the mountains. 1,950 more words


Spirituality…Vibrant or Dormant

I was 21 years old, on top of the world, chasing my childhood dream of becoming a Major League baseball player, pitching for the New York Yankees single A team, had a fantastic girlfriend (to become my beautiful wifeJ two years later) and yet, I’d find myself struggling with the question: Is this all there is? 488 more words


Chalk Word Lines of Separation by Judy Endow

“Sneaky words, said with a smile,
While holding a piece of chalk,
To draw the dividing line,
Made by words,
Sounding alright on the surface, 455 more words


“Justice…where’s the help coming from?”

This is a BIG challenge for me so when I write this, I am writing as one who needs to get much better in this area. 520 more words


Balak, Numbers 22:2-25:9

Link to Parsha: http://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/balak
The Other

By Leanne Stillerman

At the opening of parshat Balak, Bnei Yisrael are encamped at the plains of Moab in the desert. 1,788 more words