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Getting the best from people

I caught up with Vinnie for lunch yesterday. We sat in a cafe in Hawthorn not far from where I used to live and chatted as we chewed on our sandwiches. 1,021 more words


Open Letter to Yoo Yeon Seok

Dear Yoo Yeon Seok,

Thanks to you, I went and bought myself a Clarisonic Mia 2 as well as 3 extra cleansing heads. This was bought despite me already having a similar product in the Olay Pro X. 440 more words


#120 Projections

People projects their hopes, dreams and expectations to others without really thinking what those others really want for their lives.

微软加入PMA联盟 采用先进无线充电标准

电力联盟(Power Matters Alliance,PMA)在今天举行的发布会中宣布,微软公司已经正式成为该联盟成员。这一举动将使微软获得符合PMA标准的先进无线充电功能。PMA 是无线充电联盟(Wireless Power Consortium) Qi 标准的竞争对手,后者目前已被广泛采用,包括已部署在诺基亚 WP 手机。


Free Bear Costume With Unlock Code

For every penguin that unlocks the Bear Costume online, Club Penguin will donate $1 (up to $50,000 total) to help National Parks. This promotion is to go along with Earth Month.  55 more words


Free Blue Border Collie Hat With This Code

Late last week Club Penguin released a code on Facebook that unlocks the Blue Border Collie Hat item. This item can be unlocked by anyone. If you wish to redeem the code to unlock this item simply go to  18 more words