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Meet The "Snot Otter," North America's Biggest Salamander

If you have splashed around in the creeks of Appalachia, you could have been close to the largest salamander in North America, the Eastern hellbender, but you probably wouldn’;t have recognized it. 19 more words

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I’m endlessly trying to compare my experiences of place – one against the next, as if I could really quantify and rank such things.  I’ll just say this: there are places on the central California coast that feel like they were made yesterday; that feel unfinished and perfect all in one breath.  122 more words


Ollie Otter and The Dark Reeds of Oregon

Ollie Otter is a little otter living in the deepest darkest depths of Oregon where no human has ever set foot.  Ollie Otter lives with his loving wife Olivia and twin boys Olaf and Oleg.   727 more words


And it ends with creepy face licking.

Do I need to post the preceding two?  Eh, why not.  Or, if I’m Canadian, why not, eh?

Watch: The Cutest Sushi-Eaters Ever

These picky 10-year-old otters, Mango and Apricot, are from the National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham. Since the staff were getting worried after these sisters weren’t eating their fruits and veggies, they decided on an alternate route. 9 more words


As long as she doesn't try to snort it, we're okay.

. . . because snorting pixie stix leads to pain and colourful snot.  Kids, learn from the lessons of the 80s — the sugar dust goes in the mouth, not into any other orifice.


North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis)
Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Canon 7D
Canon 100-400mm lens @ 400mm
1/200 sec @ f5.6
iso 400
© Teklanika Photography 2014