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Glaucous from the garden and a rainy day in Fetlar

Day 7

The day started in brilliant fashion with 2 Glaucous Gulls from the living room window. (And I’ll spare you the appalling digi-scoped photo I took this time!) We checked the bay every morning from the comfort of the sofa and today was certainly the best sighting yet! 576 more words

University Birdwatch Challenge

Painting and drawing for pleasure

I am not particularly keen on my own painterly style.  It never quite comes out the way my head wants.

However, I do enjoy the process of painting and find it an essential way of relaxing.

This is the latest


General Comments

Short Sunday History Lesson

This is a kelp forest.

This is a sea urchin.

This is an otter.

Otters eat sea urchins.

Otters were hunted for their fur. 32 more words

Activist Fire

I’ve come to the conclusion that Eric is my best friend because I can share cute, adorable things with him and he makes the same face I do. 43 more words

Information technology

Year 2 have enjoyed working in pairs and small groups to create Powerpoint presentations on their class animals. They had to use keyboard and mouse skills and learn how to organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. 59 more words

Meerkat Manor Redux

While this version won’t have the dulcet of Sean Astin narrating the critters’ day to day adventures, the London Zoo has started a new YouTube channel devoted to showing what the animals do when visitors are away.  128 more words

Feel Good

Fifteen Days Out in South Wales - Otter Country

Let’s make it clear from the beginning that no, I haven’t spotted any otter, sorry. But if you’re looking for the account of a great otter experience without any actual otter involved, this is the right place for you. 334 more words