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The Loch Ness Monster of Kootenay Lake

In my last post I showed you photos of the family of otters on the lake. Well, after they left the wharf, I thought that they would disappear in the waves and rain. 184 more words


Increase your ecological intelligence? Step 1: Show up

The world is watching: one cannot walk through a meadow or forest without a ripple of report spreading out from one’s passage. The thrush darts back, the jay squalls, a beetle scuttles under the grasses, and the signal is passed along.

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There Otter be a Law!

There ought to be a law against excessive cuteness in nature. But there isn’t, thank heavens. And as a result we are blessed with the river otter. 290 more words


Otter release at Maury Island Marine Park

PAWS forwarded us some photos of a recent release at our Maury Island Marine Park. Try not to squee yourself.


Wild Otters – a new otter conservation NGO from Goa, India

Atul Borker writes from Goa, India to inform us that he has started an NGO called Wild Otters “with a vision of long term otter conservation work”. 59 more words


Otters and dogs.

Hey there!

I’m not normally very good at keeping blogs going, but I will try with this one!

So, if you’ve read my About page, you’ll know that I go to college and study Animal Management. 184 more words


It's Otterly C.O.L.D.!


New Otter Animal Print

Painting/Collage/Mixed Media

Sharon Cummings


Brrr…It’s so cold in my studio this morning.  Even my Carmex will not come out of it’s tube.   50 more words