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The Wellington Lounge

So two of my greatest friends have arrived and set out on their grand European adventure. I spent most of my summer in Australia at their house so I had the absolute delight of hosting them for the day and giving them the grand tour of London before they made their way to Scotland. 330 more words

Single Malt Lamb Curry (Oban 1995 Distillers Edition)

Before you ask, yes it is expensive swill  to be using for a Lamb Curry being a Limited edition Single Malt and all but feel free to use the cheaper stuff if you’ve got no shame.   477 more words


Recipe: A Wrap Made With Ottolenghi's Fish and Caper Kebabs

I rediscovered my love of Ottolenghi’s recipes earlier in the week.  I dug out my copies of Ottolenghi, Plenty and Jerusalem to try to find something to do with the huge bottle of pomegranate molasses I have in the cupboard, and ended up spending a couple of hours leafing through the books, marking many pages with pink post-its for later. 426 more words

Lavosh Cheese Biscuits (Thyme & Sea Salt, and Cumin, Chilli & Sesame Seed)

Lavosh is a Middle Eastern flat bread which has its culinary and linguistic routes in Armenia (Lavosh means ‘flat’ or ‘thin’). While this bread is traditionally wafer thin but soft when it first comes out of the oven, it goes crisp and almost cracker-like quickly, making it the perfect cheese biscuit (in my mind at least). 541 more words


Spend Less, Own less, Live and Eat Well

In my post Rustic Simplicity, I mentioned how I’ve been de-cluttering. I need to do this—almost every week—because it’s like having a weight lifted off my shoulders and helps me breathe easier, think clearer, prioritize effectively and live better and more balanced. 711 more words

This And That


There are evenings for being inventive and creative of your own accord, and then there are evenings for Ottolenghi. These are the evenings when you want to feel safe in the knowledge that if you follow the recipe, you will undoubtedly put something on the table that everyone will collectively marvel at.  124 more words

Food Photography

Roasted Eggplant

So I touched on eggplants last week in my fried eggplant sandwich post.  This week I decided to try a more traditional way of preparing eggplants. 509 more words