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I’m about to sleep because I know I watched too much for today. Got to know 2 ‘Margaret’s. One is from OUAT, and one from The Proposal (that I rewatched).

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#OUAT - Once Upon A Time TV Series


I finished this series in just a matter of days. I was basically just sitting in front of my laptop and did nothing. Just like when I was hooked watching The Walking Dead! 364 more words


Once Upon A Time geeking, pt II: Gastown, Vancouver, BC

With bonus Highlander.

Anyone who’s watched OUAT, Highlander, X-Files, Continuum, or a dozen other made-in-Canada TV shows will recognize Gastown. It is the semi-gentrified “hip” neighborhood along the waterfront in downtown Vancouver. 348 more words


So, this is going to get predictable fast

Good news first: I now have a plan of attack for the Christmas presents. Make my mum’s tetris shapes(I want to fill the piece of plastic canvas) in July and August, design and stitch the design for my friend in September and October, make another friend a set of form-a-line cards in November (depending on when my dad next comes up here and can drop off a piece of foam for me to use to punch the designs), and then stitch the 5 little birds for my aunt’s Christmas present in December. 246 more words

Once Upon A Time geeking, pt I: Steveston, BC

So on my most recent vacation, I went to Storybrooke. Er, Steveston and Ft Langley, BC.

Most of “Storybrooke” is located along Moncton and Bayview streets between Third Avenue and No 1 Road in Steveston. 454 more words


Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, peeps! I have SO much to share with my fellow fangirls and boys! Get excited because the web has been a buzz all week with news about our favorite fandoms! 455 more words

Let's talk about Once Upon a Time

Wow… It’s been a long time since I typed those words.

Buuuuuut they started filming yesterday and the pictures I’m seeing are bananas. Elsa, anyone? Captain Swan? 20 more words