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As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

I don’t know how to say this. I can hardly think it.

My pregnancy was ectopic, in my left tube. I’ve been bleeding for a week now, but my hcg levels were climbing beautifully. 280 more words


Mastitis. Sounds like some kind of made¬† up disease to put even the keenest of mothers-to-be off the concept of breastfeeding! Lying here in my second bath of the day, rattling with antibiotics and painkillers and the associated squirmy tummy to go with,¬† I don’t feel like a very happy chappy. 478 more words


The dentist....

I had an appointment to see this lovely chap at 8am this morning! I believe I’ve been quite lucky with my teeth.. I’ve looked after them well so far I think! 456 more words



No what’d ya go and do that for?

Neighbors did that. I’m sure that had their reasons….

Photo A Day

Just ouch!

Today my whole right arm has been in agony. Not my usual pain but something much worse… It hurts! Ouch! That is all!

Just Keep Smiling <3 x

Study: Tanning Beds Responsible For Average Of 3,234 Injuries Per Year That Send People To The ER

When the weather outside is frightful and the sun is nowhere to be found in the winter months, some people might turn to an indoor tanning bed to get their glow on. 252 more words