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Guy Fails Miserably At Shooting A Pigeon With His Bow And Arrow, Hits Young Girl Instead

As much as we wish that our lives would bear even the slightest resemblance to the Game of Thrones, the sad reality is that such epic and fantastical adventures are just not in the cards for most of us. 338 more words

Web Culture

Ouch: Teen forgets to jump in pool stunt, the result is fairly predictable and very painful

As the uploader of this painful video astutely notes, forward projection is an important factor in a manoeuvre like this.

A teenager attempting to jump into a swimming pool from a raised area a few feet away inexplicably manages to plant his foot on thin air – and crashes onto the concrete poolside below. 87 more words


I Fucking Love It


Ahh. Pain. Loss. Hurt. Anguish. I fucking love it.

There’s only so many times that you can try to protect yourself from them all. After a while, after repeated failures on the part of the various defensive measures you have put into place, you learn something new about yourself. 388 more words

Fucked Up Shiite

A Weight Off My Chest

(Yes, that joke was 9 months in the making).

It’s amazing how quickly the human body can become conditioned to things. Up until the last year of my life, I laughed, sneezed, even hiccuped normally. 500 more words

Day To Day

Skiers collide in Queenstown, NZ..."F@#King hell, keep it under control mate"

Another great example of how not to ski and why its important to wear a helmet. Luckily the downhill skier was unharmed but apparently the uphill skier/guilty party, came away with a few stitches.   22 more words