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Why are papercuts so painful?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone above the age of 10 would have experienced a paper cut before. It happens when a piece of paper, or any other thin material, cuts the skin. 842 more words

I Hope I Bleed

Three Things To Step On At Galveston Beach (2007)

1. Sand.

2. Shells.

3. Stingrays.
And with a spiny tail-
Pain comes immediately, without fail.


Nah You Shouldn't Bee Scared


Every time I go to get lemons, this creepy guy is staring at me over the back fence…

“I have beeeeees… living… inside me!” he creaks. 311 more words


Surgery Sisters

I recently had surgery and I cannot even begin to explain to you how I’m feeling.
It’s like I’m tired for a sleep that I cannot get no matter how long I lay in bed for. 53 more words

Tattooed Tips

My Guide to Tattoos

I only thought I was going to get one or two tattoos’ when I was younger. 10 years later I have one on my penis! 415 more words

I’m promoting my new blog by wearing Band-Aids every day!

…Just kidding, I sliced my fingers open with a pair of scissors.


that is what my fingers are saying as I have been sewing and as I am typing right now. Hand sewing is rough on the fingers. 72 more words