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So probably one of the most unfortunate things just happened at work, not 30 minutes into my shift. I thought I had just simply bumped my elbow into the door handle– no big deal– except it was a big deal because my hand was numbing and there was a lot of swelling on the site. 172 more words


'I could smell burning flesh': Schoolboy blows off his fingertips after lighting firework in his bedroom 'for a laugh'

Warning: graphic images below

A schoolboy who lit an illegal firework in his bedroom ‘for a laugh’ was shocked when it unexpectedly went off – blowing off his finger tips and breaking seven bones in his hand. 404 more words


Force: Fresh to Exciting

So, I have been a little quiet recently, because it has been a little bit of a series of unfortunate events, and being that you see misery all the time on Eastenders and so on, and I can make a cup of tea without shouting at someone before the kettle’s boiled, I haven’t thought it productive to whine on the interweb. 615 more words


Stitches where?

I know what everyone is thinking, ‘two posts in one day? What?’.

Well, I just had something happen that I thought I better write down otherwise I may forget by the time I give this blogs URL to my family. 426 more words


The other day I had K-girl sitting on the bed while I changed clothes. She sat there happily bouncing on my pillows and looking out the window. 89 more words


Lacrosse jacket finally arrived!

Our team (GAFL-OUCH) ordered jackets for f/w games, and they finally arrived!!!!

Our first game wearing this jacket would probably be Kyung Hee Cup which is hosted by Kyung Hee university. 30 more words


Ouch My Hand!

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing.

Okay, only a small amount to do with writing.

This morning I somehow successfully drove a sewing needle into the middle joint of my thumb.   134 more words