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Sewer Blast

A.K.A. Clockwork Orange

A.K.A. The devil tried to kill me this week.

I didn’t speak for an entire year once. I communicated. I smiled, winked, shook my head yes and no, but did not use my voice. 543 more words

Letters Of The Soul

Winner By Technical Murder

He died doing what he loved… getting his face broken.


[VIDEO] Ball Boy Takes 122 Mph Serve To The Groin

Let this be a lesson to ball boys everywhere — always keep your guard up.

The 122 mph serve courtesy of Feliciano Lopez at the Australian Open bounces once and makes a beeline to his family jewels. 63 more words


To err is human, but to give yourself a migraine is stupid.

I put myself to bed early last night with the beginnings of a migraine, I rarely suffer from these headaches but the fact that I remember each one I’ve had oh-s0-vividily is an indicator of how horrible they are. 345 more words


New balls!

My future husband has gone “viral” today after a serve of his hit a ball boy in his well… Balls. It was going at 196 km/h. 52 more words

Australian Open

Change is always happening. I pray that I am ready for the changes I've made

Well after thinking about changing somethings in my life, I decided to do it. I have done it. Now I wonder if I am ready or if the other person is ready for the change too. 130 more words