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9/22/14 Training

While jogging to the gym yesterday I tripped over a tiny tree stump sticking out of the sidewalk. Ended up throwing my phone and keys and getting some decent road rash all over my right side. 263 more words


Serially Lost - Writing 101

I as going to write about losing someone but I thought I’d change things up a little as all my posts are becoming about that person so I wanted to bring back a bit more of me time. 236 more words


Mom had to get two stitches, but she’ll be fine, even if it hurts right now. Her boyfriend wants to be rid of him since he’s dangerous, but mom and I believe it was because he was mad at my mom is why he attacked her like that. 24 more words


Why the iPhone 6 has the 'ow' factor

If this diagram is to be believed, the iPhone 6 really does have the ‘ow’ factor.

With its latest smartphone, Apple has succumbed to consumer demand for bigger screens – but in a way, the tech giant has been protecting our beloved thumbs with its smaller models. 235 more words


My poor little face

Preschoolers are made of rubber. Kind of.

Love Bug was climbing over a bench seat yesterday when it all went horribly wrong and she face-planted the cement ground. 75 more words

Moment of Zen - Iphone 6 edition

iphone 6 is launching across the globe – and one lucky reporter in Perth, Australia was there to get all of the excitement on cam. 11 more words

Consumer Technology

The most painful/funny video you'll watch all day

This is too funny! Buzzfeed flips the script and get a couple guys to go through what many women go through on a regular (Cues the music: DUN DUN DUN) THE BIKINI WAX! 7 more words