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The things we do on Tuesdays

  (Jordan Tiger Breckon Mooar)

To day we went to the farm. Then we  came home and spent lots of time with Kiwi-Caramel  and she had a dust bath.  52 more words

Our Animals

Our new chicken Kiwi-Caramel

                                           (  jordan tiger tamar breckon mooar)

We got Kiwi-Caramel our new chicken yesterday.  She is very small and very cute.  She is in a small-ish cage at the moment but my big sister and my dad are building a bigger cage for her to go in.  31 more words

Our Animals


Yesterday we got a new chicken, we were not sure what to call her.  We had two names for her, they were Kiwi or Caramel so we decided to call her Kiwi-Caramel.  14 more words

Our Animals


Yeah right, I walked to work today for the first time in ages.  It took 40 mins on the way up the steep hill to home, I was sweating like a wee piggie.   169 more words

Family Stuff



Yesterday was the last club walk and run for my Harriers Club for the season.  I wish it wasn’t officially finished, although we still meet fortnightly for summer walks. 229 more words

Family Stuff


R .I. P    DEEFA

Feeling sad today, just went to my Bowel Surgeon after a loooooooooong 8 months wait.   I am no better with regards to my bowel problems and unable to eat without suffering afterwards and in pain…    Apart from more bowel surgery that may or may not help… and a permanent bag, that I DO NOT want…he can’t do too much operation wise to help me. 658 more words

Family Stuff