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Scientists eliminate HIV from cultured human cells

However researchers from Temple University School of Medicine have found a way to cut the infected genes out, potentially eradicating the virus for good and negating the need for lifelong ARV treatment.

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Stop Segregating Sports by Gender

And that raises, once again, the question of why we segregate sports by gender. If a woman can play basketball or baseball well enough for a men’s team, then it’s hard to think of even marginally credible arguments for not letting her.

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When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply

For the next six years until legislators corrected their error, the oldest profession was not a crime in Rhode Island — and public health and public safety substantially improved as a result, according to a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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The NSA Is Totally Passing Around Your Sexy Selfies

Anyway, an NSA spokeswoman told Forbes that this kind of thing is, you know, totally frowned upon. “NSA is a professional foreign-intelligence organization with a highly trained workforce, including brave and dedicated men and women from our armed forces,” she said.

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New York City's soda ban is dead. For good. And NY Judge Susan P. Read is an Idiot

To do so, the dissent, authored by Judge Susan P. Read, argues that rules adopted by the city health department are on par with state law.

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Every Child in Scotland to Be Supervised by State-Appointed Busybody

This idea grows out of the conviction that Free-Range Kids (my bookblog, and movement), exists to extinguish: That all children are in danger at all times, and hence need constant oversight.

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