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Calling all vaginas!


Today  (and probably every other day from here on out) we are going to talk about women and their vaginas. Honestly this is a word that I probably say about 300 times a day. 773 more words

Our Bodies

Women Need to be Taught Not to Rape

Women who become pregnant after statutory rape can and do sue the boys they raped for child support. When Jane Crane raped a 15 year old boy…

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Not from The Onion: Cops Want to Give Teen an Erection and Photograph It... You Know, For Evidence

The authorities in Prince William County, Virginia, are pursuing child pornography charges against a 17 year old who exchanged nude picture texts with his 15-year-old girlfriend…

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Good Grief

"...with a grain of..."

In fact, people who consumed 3,000 to 6,000 milligrams per day had a lower risk of death and cardiovascular events than those who had more than 6,000 mg or less than 3,000 mg.

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Political Theater

Cheers: Drinking Is Healthy

In fact, the evidence that abstinence from alcohol is a cause of heart disease and early death is irrefutable—yet this is almost unmentionable in the United States.

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Better Than Being Raped then Stoned to Death by the mohammadians

Police said, “The woman has confessed and has apologised…. ” She could pay a fine or face 6 months of jail time for “vilification of religious doctrines.”

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Good Grief

Is Exercise an Effective Anti-Depressant?

A 2000 study by Michael Babyak assigned 156 clinically depressed adults to three different groups:

  1. One group attended three supervised exercise sessions per week for 16 weeks.
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Our Bodies