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Our Epic Earth: Animal Crates Around Paris

In celebration of its opening to the general public this Saturday, the Zoological Park of Paris, in conjunction with French agency Ubu Bene, have placed animal creates around the city.

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Our Epic Earth: Abandoned Amusement Park, China

Located just over 30km out of Beijing, in the Changping District of China, Wonderland was an amusement park that was never completed. Construction ceased in 1998 due to financial issues, and so that project and the park were abandoned. 42 more words

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Our Epic Earth: OakOak Street Art

French street artist, OakOak, creates art that interacts playfully with its surroundings.

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Our Epic Earth: Lego Dali Elephant

South Korean Lego fan, Jin Kei, created this steampunk Lego model of the iconic elephant from Salvador Dali’s surreal The Elphants painting (1948).

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Our Epic Earth: Clever Advertising Part I

Hot Wheels pedestrian bridge, Mexico.

3D crocodile escalator by National Geographic, Brazil.

Dutch Football Federation 2010 World Cup tees.

Volkswagen anti-texting whilst driving ad.

Some toys never die, ad campaign by Duracell

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Our Epic Earth: Qikeng Don, Wulong

Qikeng Don, Wulong in China. An area around Chongqing famous for its natural beauty including caves, wildlife and gorges. The most three most notable parts of Wiulonh are the Furong Cave, the Three Natural Bridges and the Houping Tiankengs.

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Our Epic Earth: Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is an island in Normandy, France. Established in the eighth century AD, it lies one kilometer off the north-western coast of France, houses a population of around 50 and can only be accessed by foot during low-tides.

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