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Our Honeymoon: Paris Part II

IF I was the type of person who used the term “a hot minute,” then I would certainly use it to describe how long it’s been since I wrote a honeymoon recap post.  1,202 more words

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Our Honeymoon: Provence Part II

Hi and welcome to another edition of “Honeymoon Wednesday.”  That’s what I’m calling it now.  Oh and is it cool if I do a day by day recap for the Paris portion of our trip?   833 more words

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Our Honeymoon: Provence Part I

Hi guys!  Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but today in Colorado we are having the most beautiful fall day.  932 more words

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#PhillaceHoneymoon Favorites

In July/August, T and I took off for a 22 day honeymoon to New Zealand and Fiji. It was so freakin’ magical to see another part of the world. 528 more words


Our Honeymoon: Barcelona

You guys!  I am SO excited to start writing about our honeymoon!  I’ve been excited to write about it since the second we got home.  So go figure that I can’t think of a suitable intro…  I guess I’ll just jump in! 758 more words

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