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Fall Is Upon Us

Wow has the weather changed.  It was down in the 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day, with lots of wind and rain while we were at Henry’s Lake, Idaho.   572 more words

Our Journey

Storm tactics

The excursion ferry next to us started tying up extra lines the night the storm was expected to pass. Typical Greek style. LOTS of shouting, screaming, arguing and articulating, lines passed, then taken off again, only to be put back on a few minutes later. 115 more words

Our Journey

Stretch that comfort zone!

Never did I think this past week of a holiday in Malaysia would bring such far-reaching change, and here we are #oneweekon.

Our long awaited reunion with Mimi at Kuala Lumpur airport was magnificent.   1,464 more words


Journey Complete

We have now all found our forever homes.  Some are with families, some with couples, and some are living with other pets. 162 more words

Our Journey

Roadshow Mahamentor ke MA Al Ihsan Baleendah Bandung

Assalamualaikum… Haloo mamen Lovers! (pede banget ya nyebut mamen lovers..hehe). Postingan kali ini mimin mau berbagi momen-momen kunjungan Mahamentor Regional Jawa Barat ke MA Al Ihsan Baleendah Bandung sepanjang tahun 2013. 34 more words


Roadshow Mahamentor ke SMA-SMA di Kecamatan Arjawinangun Cirebon

Di tahun 2012 Mahamentor kembali mengunjungi kecamatan Arjawinangun Kabupaten Cirebon. Selain siswa-siswa dari SMAN 1 Arjawinangun ada juga siswa-siswa perwakilan dari SMA 1 Gegesik, SMA 1 Susukan, dan SMA-SMA lain di kecamatan Arjawinangun. 21 more words


Roadshow & Dream Planting Mahamentor Regional Jawa Barat di SMAN 1 Arjawinangun Cirebon

Sedikit bernostalgia, mimin mau share foto2 Roadshow & Dream Planting di SMAN 1 Arjawinangun tahun 2011 yang lalu. SMAN 1 Arjawinangun atau yang terkenal disebut Near ini adalah sekolah yang spesial di mata Mahamentor Regional Jawa Barat. 49 more words