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Apparently now there is an uncle, an aunt and some grandmother or great grandmother in addition to Mom that want custody of Lovey. I told my friend this information and here is how the conversation went: 448 more words

A beautiful night for a ride

Yesterday was a gorgeous day outside. It was warm, sunny, and with a. Soft cool breeze. Not many clouds either, which made it even better! 238 more words

Our Journey


It’s been a little over a week since we were sent home to hurry up and wait for my big ole cyst to rupture. So far, nothing incredibly eventful has happened. 770 more words


Ready for a training step up

So Oliver has been getting fuzzy. He must be preparing for winter! This is his first winter in a stall so I don’t think he understands yet that he doesn’t need to be fuzzy like a bear! 221 more words

Our Journey

Little things, massive difference

Looks like we will finally be of. Hoping to catch the 2200 bridge opening and expecting nice beam/aft winds for most of the apprx. 50 hour journey to Sicily. 1,130 more words

Our Journey

Living with Nature

Our engine’s fixed and runs as good as new. I was keen on just posting: “We are off to Sicily” until I checked the weather forecast. 313 more words

Our Journey


born in May 23th, 1990 with a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. his horoscope is gemini and his chinese zodiac is horse. his hair color is brown. 523 more words