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6 Dating Habits That Helped Our Marriage

Today is my birthday, and it also marks three years since Jeremy proposed and I said “yes.” So, I am all mushy and sentimental thinking about our dating years, and how wonderful our two years of marriage have been (better than our dating years by a long shot). 1,788 more words

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Stella Annaleigh Shaffer

Stella arrived yesterday (on her due date- 7/23/2014) at 11:59 am. She weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is 22.5 inches long. She is a beautiful girl and Hudson is very taken with her so far!!

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Tool Time.

Brody and Owen will jump at any opportunity to act like they are building or fixing something.  While playing inside they usually spend hours with their play kitchen – whipping up imaginary meals for Dan and I to enjoy.   135 more words

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Sick Again: It's always lupus

Our poor Sydney is sick again. She hasn’t been sick a day in her life. She’s the constant. Roxy is the one who is always eating stuff (like couch pillows) that she shouldn’t, and then we are dealing with outrageous vet bills because they think the stuffing is lodged somewhere in her intestines. 274 more words

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Six Months

Someone turned six months old last week, and like everyone else in the family, loves dachshunds!

This little stuffed dachshund came from her great aunt and uncle, and is at this point probably one of her favorite toys. 113 more words

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去年7月19日, 我们家毛孩子Momoe第一天来到我们的家. 这样就过了一年, 现在她已经是一个密不可分的家人. 她的出现一开始是一种甜蜜的负担, 她是我们夫妻俩人生第一只宠物. 把她抱回来的时候可说是梦想成真的一刻啊, 从儿时阁着至今的梦想就在开始新家庭的那年实现了. 对养狗狗没有任何概念或了解的情况下, 这毛宝贝就要来临了, 我们一直相信这是缘份. 到了今天, 缘份为我们建立了非常深厚的感情. 日子久了, 甜蜜的负担变成了我们的心理治疗师, 召唤着日日月月的快乐. 每一天早晨都有个热情宝贝在床边等待, 在你还努力把惺忪的眼睁大时已经扑上来给你最热情的吻, 等你回她一个深深的拥抱. 然后踏着快乐的脚步开启我们新的一天. 热情过了3百多日以后, 一点都没有减少过, 在她身上我学习变成坚定, 始终如一, 宽容和忠诚. … 21 more words


Don't fear failure

The most philosophical sports interview I’ve ever heard:

Previously, I was scared to try something because I was always scared of failure. Once you believe and aren’t scared of the outcome, things become a lot clearer and opportunities arise.

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