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"Homes 4 Our Heroes" project houses homeless vets

“Homes 4 Our Heroes” is a project organized by Whole Man Ministries in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that works towards housing homeless veterans. Two of the volunteers, both veterans who have struggled with homelessness, have found a different sort of shelter by working with the project. 200 more words

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Vet waterboards himself to raise awareness of suicide in the military

Instead of completing the standard ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, one veteran did something a little different in an effort to raise awareness of suicide in the military. 74 more words

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Huge number of military families are struggling for food

25 percent of military homes are struggling to put food on the table, a study shows, and are showing up at food pantries and other charities across the nation. 227 more words

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Check out this video of soldiers firing off anti-tank weapons

From YouTube:

Members of the 155th Infantry Regiment conduct live fire training with the AT-4 at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center.

This training allows younger Soldiers the opportunity to fire an AT-4 and to see first hand how effective this weapon can be when used properly.

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These two vets have been jamming to heal and have fun

Wes Ricks and Ed McNatt fill the Phoenix VA Medical Center with delightful sounds every Tuesday and Thursday. The Navy and Army veterans are gems in the minds of all who hear them play and they have a lot of fun with it. 224 more words

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This German Shepherd was so excited to see her soldier owner come home safe from Afghanistan

Video reactions of homecomings for soldiers are always special. In this one, a one and a half year old German Shepherd named Lacey enthusiastically greets her owner, who just returned from a five month stint in Afghanistan. 31 more words

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It's this 105-year-old WWII vet's birthday and he has the secret to living a life as long as his

At 105 years old, Carroll Dick, who served in WWII with the Navy and even worked on the Manhattan project, is as lively and enthusiastic as ever. 73 more words

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