Mysterious Landscapes of People Exploring the World


Mysterious Landscapes of People Exploring the World

What is mysterious in the language of rocks
Holds true for the life and death of moths… 218 more words


Exit to Paradise


Exit to Paradise

A red tanager spirals over oaks, a dream collapsing
Beneath the weight of its own imaginative intuition.

One simple idea can be a radical notion ambivalence… 182 more words


What Are You Running From?

“I am not concerned with your falling, all I am concerned about is that you will rise.” Abe Lincoln! When you are called on, when it is your time, when you  have a chance to make it all happen, we all have a moment, will you rise?  292 more words

Fear! The Saddest Thing In the World, Is To Give Up On Yourself!

I used to think love and hate were the most powerful four letter words in the world, I am realizing again, just like before, I am wrong. 484 more words

Tradgedy, Triumph Or Tomorrow?

I guess I posed it as a question for a reason. How many more times can you gamble with your life, expecting that you have tomorrow to take care of it? 379 more words

Lost and Found.

Lost and Found by Randy Wayne Spire


What is this thing I’ve become?

I march to a beating drum.

Whose hands clench here at my sides? 70 more words


What is Happening Here


What is Happening Here?

A man or woman cloak themselves
Wander out into the night
To a low crest hill,
A place of barren soil… 104 more words