We All Lose Sometimes, It's Called Paying Dues!

We All Lose Sometimes, It’s Called Paying Dues!
I have lost over and over again, but it will lead me to succeeding one day I promised myself that. 380 more words

Mediocre Bitch!

You Ain’t Ever Going To Beat It Living Mediocre.

Keep living with a mediocre life, keep settling for less and less is what you are going to get. 435 more words

Does the Universe remember the atom in me?

As I lay in my bed, lying awake and contemplating life, I sense a change in the air. I get this feeling quite sometimes now. This strange assurance that tomorrow nothing will be the same. 507 more words

Make Them Have That Oh God Moment!

Make Them Have that Oh God What Did I Do Moment For Overlooking You!

Do you have any pride at all I guess would be the question at this point? 441 more words

You Ever Get So High, You Forget To Get High?

  1. You Ever Get So High, You Forget To Get High?

It had probably been a month since I got stoned, so when I rolled into North Carolina today and ran into some people smoking a blunt, I thought why the hell not. 422 more words

Just Sitting.....

Just Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, Wasting The Day, Wishing You Still Mattered To That Someone!

Still haunts me, still wonder why I didn’t matter. 306 more words

When Time Runs Out And It All Falls Apart!

When Time Runs Out And It All Falls Apart.

Time my friend is running out, not just on what you want to have, but on some of the people that you love the most as they age and may never see grandkids. 359 more words