Inspiration Is You

Dear Eero, Keenu and Will, my best friends,

I am living my life in a crispy, transparent forest this summer. Working much on weekends, catching lazy sun on workdays. 193 more words

Our Moments

Who Do You Believe In!

The Tupac song would go on to say I put my faith in God! At a loss tonight to believe in anything, realizing the chase isn’t worth having a life and someone to come home to. 401 more words

Jury Awards 23.6 Billion!

Yeah, I said 23.6 billion with a B! And you know who they awarded that nice little sum to??? Cigarette smokers, yeah that’s right, not starving kids or battered woman, not kids struggling with cancer, but smokers! 146 more words

A Quote-- Neil Gaiman


There are times in our lives that seem to have been waiting to happen forever, though we did not recognize it until the moment came. 220 more words


Bathed in Beauty.

Bathed in Beauty by Randy Wayne Spire
We were young
and wild
and free.

The world was ours
to have
to hold.

We lived recklessly… 99 more words





The truth about the way that she appeared
Remains a mystery to me. Though I read
Through much of the night sky,
Like some acolyte of the zodiac, I can fit… 118 more words


I Looked Up And A Lifetime Had Gone By!

I guess in the end not facing it cost me way more than  facing it ever would have. The embarrassment and hurt I would have had to face while facing it is nothing compared to these feelings that I have now. 357 more words