"Killer In Me Is the Killer In You"

“What I choose is my choice, whats a boy supposed to do?” If I am wrong, my apologies to Smashing Pumpkins, but and amazing line that has stuck in my head, since the first time I ever heard the song.  419 more words

Been Fighting This Boogie Man I Can't Seem To Beat, For Far Too Long!

The boogie man unfortunately would have the same name as me when I look down at my drivers licence! Afraid to be me, and if I had just been me, oh how the cards would have fallen differently. 335 more words

Flag On The Play! Only Vengeance Can Seem To Restore Me.

Only vengeance in my head it would seem can restore me in my. We all think it, no matter how good of a person you are at some point you think about bad things happening to the ones who wronged you even though you want to wish them well. 293 more words

Winner, Winner, To Many Kids Have No Dinner!

One of my favorite sportscenter anchors, Neil Everett, says “winner, winner, chicken dinner.” How far off the tracks do you think this one is going to go? 371 more words

The Power of Confidence

I just want to note that while I’m writing this post, I’m shaking because I am super excited to tell you guys about my experience. 321 more words


Tired Of Running From What I Did, Time To Start Chasing!

Its like when plenty of fish sends you and email saying whoever the fuck wants to meet you and you get excited and then the bitch looks like a horse! 585 more words

Going Cold Turkey Is A Bitch!

Boy not sure where I am going to go with this one today, been trying to put something together in my scrambled mind all day and pretty much nothing. 300 more words