'Life WIll Pass Me By If I Don't Open My Eyes!"

Frozen, sluggish and tired of driving, as I sit here in what I believe is Canyon City Colorado. I have nothing tonight, I am simply tired, that is all. 303 more words

"The Worst Things In Life Come Free!"

That was going to be the title. I was going to go off on the bitterness and anger we harbor and how all of the worst things in life really do come fee. 433 more words

"We've Been Scared Since Time Began!"

You can choose to admit it, or you can choose to look the other way as we Americans tend to do. But what I am scared of is ridiculous at this point. 325 more words

What If You Got A Second Chance? What If You Blew It Because You Were Getting High!

I can, I am wrong, I can man up, I can have back what I want, if I can admit I was no better. Going through life keeping score as I have has led me to one cold ass night in northern Utah on day three or four of running now. 438 more words

The Enemy Of Everything Thats Evil!

What if you got a second chance? I’ll get to that in a minute, I’m kind of pissed off right now. The enemy of everything evil according to Garth Brooks is people loving people. 328 more words

It Isn't That Bad, And It Can Get Better!

Finally in Utah and finally done running and ready to face it all. No matter how it all goes down, it just isn’t that bad. What is against you, what you think is going to bury you, all of the things that you worry about that you make bigger than they are. 280 more words

My Apologies!

For all the whining and bitching and complaining you have had to endure, someone out there has it far worse than I, and here I am bitching about it. 466 more words