500 Sinking Dreams, And Only Laughter And Tears.

I couldn’t even fathom it when I read it. Not only dead, they sink the ship with 500 men, women and children on it, they stood by on other boats laughing about it. 309 more words

I've Seen Some Horrible Things, And Done Far Worse!

What kind of statement is that to make? Worse, what kind of statement is that to make when every bit of it is true! “You will never know a liar like and addict. 298 more words

I Just Can't Do It Anymore!

All this madness and all that I have done has to come to and end, I am afraid it may come to a violent end. A wreck of twisted metal and blood and death and I am not sure I can do anything to get this train back on the tracks anymore. 336 more words

It Takes A Lot Out Of You Pretending!

Slapped a title in the box last night and then somehow fell asleep, so now I have no clue what the hell I was going to talk about. 482 more words

You Have Absolutley Nothing To Get Mad About. Your No Better Asshole!

I didn’t feel good about it, but I completed mission today. I finished it and did to someone exactly, I mean to a tee exactly what was done to me. 429 more words

It Will Suck, But It Wont Kill You Like You Think It WIll!

That shit is all in your head and you must have the will to beat it. It’s only that bad, one place. That place you ask? 370 more words

Damages Have To Be Paid For!

I can look at it as I got passed over because of a boat. Or I can be honest with myself and admit there wasnt a choice because I was the same piece of shit then, now and before. 403 more words