There was this song back in high school by Jodeci called lately. Something about lately I been looking in the mirror or having the strangest feelings, sometimes what love does to a person is awful and yeah, I know it was my fault! 145 more words

On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown!

Girl gone, mom in surgery at the hospital, world spinning out of control and all of my own doing. I can barely stop shaking long enough to write this down, my nerves are shot. 258 more words

And Then It Went Boom! Your Mom Is In The Hospital, She Fell And Hit Her Head At Work.

Not the phone call I was expecting when I answered a number I didn’t recognize! After I hung up the phone and the panic set in, I looked in the mirror and asked just one question. 298 more words

Planet Cat Will Have to Wait

Helping himself to a big dose of Earth’s morning sun rays, Brody faces another day on the planet with his old elan. Apparently, his mission here is not quite yet complete, although Comrade Herman seems to be wrapping things up.   21 more words


Time Is A Ticking Bomb!

Dont know how I fell asleep last night, it wasnt visions of sugar plums, but visions of little Caiden Lee and what could be. Then like a heart attack out of nowhere, I realized I turn 37 in September. 395 more words