Holding A Grudge Is Like Letting Someone Live Rent Free In Your Head!

Mother fuckers must have thought like every time before that I was going to be a little bitch and used like some whore. Like because I let it happen to me that I was going out like a chump and I was just gonna sit by and let it keep happening to me! 234 more words

Change Your Artitude, Change Your Approach And Quit Waiting!

It’s 9 a.m. Somewhere right?? Well we are starting a Monday off in fine fashion! But hey I suppose you are perfect too! Had this big plan about the best post ever I was going to write oh about four hours ago and then I forgot one minor detail! 117 more words

Does It Make Me A Bad Person?

Does It Make Me A bad Person?

And beyond that, shit I got to write this one and get to sleep so I can write the best one ever that I promised to write at 9 a.m. 380 more words

Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And It's Starting To Smell Like....

Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And Smells Likeā€¦..

And go, my brain has gone completely off the tracks, A.D.D. has kicked in at the moment, what you can convince yourself in your mind can be a killer. 479 more words

So I Go Too Church And They Win!

I live one way Monday thru Saturday and Sunday try to be better! Guess in order for my hawks to go to the Super Bowl I’m going to have to be next to mom every Sunday! 177 more words

There Better Than You Today, Because Your Still Letting It Destroy You!

Your and afterthought and you let yourself become one. But their doing better and you’re not because your still thinking about it and they don’t give it a thought! 175 more words