Know Yourself And Know Your Worth!

Know Yourself And Know Your Worth!

Had something catchy to write, but as it closes in on the 25th and d-day, everything seems to elude me! 249 more words

A Message Of Hope!

Had to think long and hard about this one, go out and do it! I have the chance, I saw in those eyes looking back at me to shut them all up, to finish it and have it go down the way that I want it to go down! 288 more words

I Think The Games About Over And I'm Pretty Sure Who Loses!

The quick witty one liners that help me quickly move on and disguise what a piece of shit I am elude me tonight! The life I want almost certainly gone, the life I could have not nearly good enough and I think there is a song on the radio about we all want what we ain’t got! 157 more words

Lethal When Wagging!

Confessions of and American and the biggest idiot of them all was me mirror, mirror on the wall! Don’t sit around expecting the fairest of them all, because shit ain’t fair and sometimes life sucks pussy, so suck it up! 513 more words

So Noah, Am I Going To Need That Arc?

I hope that mother fucker can climb walls and go over mountains with the shit I’ve pulled! And there it is, my cussing has officially gone too far! 155 more words

So Where Is This God You Speak Of Now!

Sorry For What I Did, But I Don’t Have Time To Give A Fuck Anymore! So Many Kids Dead! And Where is this god you speak of now! 288 more words

Coby's Last Stand!

I have sure talked about it enough, but it now stands in front of me face to face eye to eye challenging me. I either end it now, or it will without a doubt end me. 424 more words