Bitch Moves And Expectations!

I’ve been sitting around waiting for something to come back that I can’t have even if it did. These bitch moves are killing me man! At one point I had some pride, I expected and demanded certain things out of myself! 161 more words

If You Would Of Just Taken Care Of It In The First Place!

You wouldn’t have to weave that tangled web, because you wouldn’t have to deceive! Things it would seem aren’t always as they appear and it appears now I have left a lot of things undealt with! 188 more words

Lethal When Wagging, Turns Out I'm The Idiot!

The idiot who made it okay, the idiot who pissed half his life away smoking pot and making excuses as to why he couldn’t when why he could has been waiting on him for seventeen years! 268 more words

What Changes It All?

Is it me? A pretty girl? Losing my dog or someone close to me? Time takes away things that we don’t want it too and in the end it wins. 206 more words

Duke, Lay Down!

It fucking sucks beyond belief even though we all knew it was coming! Time passes faster than you think and moments that you don’t want to happen are closer than they appear! 454 more words

The 17th Year!

Or is it 16? Hell I am getting old and it’s getting harder to remember shit, I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the pot that I smoked! 200 more words

I Got To Many Things To Fight For!

I could be wrong, I could be way fucking off base as my mom used to say minus the fucking part, but I still think I have a few things left to fight for. 406 more words