One Things For Sure, This Won't Get It Done!

You gave it to much power! But letting go is all that’s left to do now. What I want and what I want to do simply don’t matter. 137 more words

The Story Of The Worst Day Of My Life!

Seeing is believing and today I’m the passenger seat of his car, one day after her birthday was my hopes and dreams! Shattered isn’t even the right word, I am beyond destroyed. 173 more words

In Love!

Boy, if you were here!

Yesterday was my second lesson. First part was kind of “easy”. I mean every time I get on, I feel amazed, in love, ridingĀ feels flying. 282 more words

Our Moments


There was this song back in high school by Jodeci called lately. Something about lately I been looking in the mirror or having the strangest feelings, sometimes what love does to a person is awful and yeah, I know it was my fault! 145 more words

On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown!

Girl gone, mom in surgery at the hospital, world spinning out of control and all of my own doing. I can barely stop shaking long enough to write this down, my nerves are shot. 258 more words