Lesbian Penis!

Hows that for a title? While we burn this bitch to the ground in Ferguson it makes me wonder. Yeah maybe six shots is too much but maybe reaching in a cop car for a cops gun is a little too much too! 146 more words

The 9 A.M. Game Changer You Been Waiting For!

Change Attitude, Change Approach, Change Your Life And Quit Waiting! The Game Changer.

Well this should be easy, I just have to change every fucking thing about myself. 752 more words

It Has Been A Year!

It Has Been A Year, It Is What It Is And It Is About To Destroy You!

Fuck man, that best post ever I was going to write at 9 a.m. 448 more words

Holding A Grudge Is Like Letting Someone Live Rent Free In Your Head!

Mother fuckers must have thought like every time before that I was going to be a little bitch and used like some whore. Like because I let it happen to me that I was going out like a chump and I was just gonna sit by and let it keep happening to me! 234 more words

Change Your Artitude, Change Your Approach And Quit Waiting!

It’s 9 a.m. Somewhere right?? Well we are starting a Monday off in fine fashion! But hey I suppose you are perfect too! Had this big plan about the best post ever I was going to write oh about four hours ago and then I forgot one minor detail! 117 more words

Does It Make Me A Bad Person?

Does It Make Me A bad Person?

And beyond that, shit I got to write this one and get to sleep so I can write the best one ever that I promised to write at 9 a.m. 380 more words

Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And It's Starting To Smell Like....

Man, The Elephant In The Room Is Huge And Smells Likeā€¦..

And go, my brain has gone completely off the tracks, A.D.D. has kicked in at the moment, what you can convince yourself in your mind can be a killer. 479 more words