Even If You Can't See A Way And There Isn't One. You Gotta Believe You Will Find A Way!

There are things we know, things we can prove and sometimes there are things that you just gotta believe in man! It ain’t believing in what you can or can’t do, what the world or someone is telling you that you can’t do. 194 more words

Dear John

Dear John!

I never meant to hurt you, save it, because yeah ya did! You knew what you were doing to me and I knew what I was doing to the next one. 327 more words

I Can See The Finish Line. And Those Finish Chicks Are Pretty Hot!

I Can See The Finish Line! And Those Finish Chicks Are Pretty Hot!

For the absolute first time in my life, out here on the road finding myself, I can say without a doubt I survived what it was throwing at me and I can see how to finish it. 467 more words

I Was Doing It!

I Was Doing It.

I wasn’t writing about it, I wasn’t bullshitting about it and running my mouth about it, it came the time for the checks to start being cashed and I was cashing them. 347 more words

Choices, Changes And Chances!

Choices, Chances And Changes!

It finally kicked the fuck in, shit isn’t so bad anymore, I am even starting to have some fun and realizing if I would just fix me what I could have is so much more that what the old me thought I could have. 279 more words

Finally, I Didn't Come Out The Same This Time!

Yeah this time I am mad about it, this time the bitch who went in didn’t come out the same bitch expecting it to change, no he decided to be a man. 448 more words