I’m sorry that the air you breathe
Is less than clean, but we try our best
To do what we can,
Perhaps one day we will succeed. 211 more words



Hei Boy!

It might seem that I am only complaining here. But the true is, that I need writing as air when I am sad. Why? 258 more words

Our Moments

City Street Sale


City Street Sale

In cities the small spaces people know as home
Become museums of their lives mementos on display
Haphazardly put in places first… 292 more words


It's Just Not My Day To Give A Fuck!

And tomorrow looks cloudy with a chance of not give a fuck in the air! Wednesday looks potentially better, but only potentially! Behavior is how you show your true self, and well mine sucked, you have had moments to where your behavior wasnt the best either, and there is the rub and why I am having a hard time giving a fuck today! 308 more words

Different Day, Same Story!

Why the bomb called my life went off the way it did is no mystery toe anymore. Hell I guess if I am honest, it was never really a mystery to me at all, different day same story! 160 more words

A Letter to Myself

Hey guys, surprise! I’m not dead. I just was busy with school stuff and my job for the summer. Anyway, I thought this was a good idea because, I’ve seen people do it before and I figured “Why not?! 372 more words


The Shit Went Down, And We Weren't Ready!

Yeah cypress Hill had a song back in the day, “when the shit goes down, you better be ready.” It would appear whether you are in the U.S. 233 more words