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South Side Spotlight, July 2014: Betrayal, Bullying and Resilience

Each month South Side Stories will feature digital stories that spotlight the lives of adolescents and young adults from the South Side of Chicago.

This month, we feature digital stories by four young women who convey tales of betrayal, bullying, and inner resourcefulness. 596 more words

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New study recommends doula support during abortion procedures

Many women choose to have a doula–a lay support person–present during their labor process. A doula’s support has been connected to maternal and child health benefits such as pain control, shorter labor, decreased rates of cesarean delivery, and breastfeeding assistance. 267 more words

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RESEARCH: GEM welcomes Santi FURNARI on 3rd October, 2014

Santi Furnari is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at Cass Business School, City University London. Santi has two main research interests. First, he studies how innovation emerges at the intersection of multiple institutional fields and sectors, where different cultural logics and political interests overlap. 136 more words

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Are writing skills transferable?

By Gordon Rugg

The short answer is: “Not really”.

The reasons for this answer take us through the literature on expertise, and through some little-known byways of history, including Caesar shouting “Squirrel!” and the strange case of the mesmerised trees. 2,847 more words

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South Side Spotlight: Pride (June 2014)

Each month, Ci3’s South Side Stories project will feature different digital stories in the South Side Spotlight.

In honor of Gay Pride Month, here is a rare glimpse into the lives of two young men living in Chicago. 226 more words

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