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the most dangerous place for a woman ….

Is in her own home.

Saw a shocking TV program about men that kills women. About women that has been killed by their husbands and partners. 890 more words

Un/useful Information

Little Nest

I spotted this little nest while we were walking in one of the trails at Big Webberville Park last Saturday.  It looked like a small knot that’s part of the tree limb but when I looked closer, I discovered it was a hummingbird nest. 136 more words


Lava-ly time

Hey there,

I hope the Easter break treated you well and that you enjoyed some happy time off. I took my first trip to Lanzarote. As far as I can tell, I am the only person in the known universe who has never been before, so these sights may be familiar to you. 38 more words

Elle Turner

I need your Opinion!

I am writing a paper about organs and how the government should have some regulation in the process.

Tell me what you think about this Idea! 55 more words

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