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10 Little-Known Stunning Natural Wonders

Natural wonders are in almost every country and there are a few from around the world that we all know. In this list I have tried to compile a bunch of lesser-known wonders that are stunning to behold and almost certainly worth visiting when you plan your next vacation. 669 more words

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Changing Seasons #Bible #ourworld #war

Blessing comes in the form of peace

safe haven while war rages about

Blessing comes in refreshment

sparkling waters flow in time of drought

blessing comes in the form of life… 175 more words


10 Amazing Rare Cloud Formations in Images

We have previously posted a list on rare cloud formations which proved very popular. But it was published when we was still very young so it lacks beautiful images and a proper layout. 844 more words

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Top 10 Surprising Archaeological Finds

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

The past can be both shocking and familiar. It’s common to say that human nature never changes – but it’s still possible for archaeology to surprise us, by pulling things from the ground which transform our conception of the past. 917 more words

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Few days ago, I read something in Fast Company that suggests that happiness is genetics. It is based on the curious research on Denmark as the happiest nation in the world, and the suggestion was the possibility that happiness is in our blood. 193 more words

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Point Proven.

I had to share with you a real life example of why the world needs Anna’s Warriors, Anna’s story, and a complete attitude change.

I work two jobs in order to pay for school, rent, and life in general. 1,168 more words


Top 10 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries

Archeology is a fascinating science; the more it discovers, the more mysteries it unfolds. The more answers it gives, the more questions are raised. But that just provides us with the impetus to keep on trying to unlock the secrets of the past. 1,368 more words

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