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Nessie: What the Loch Ness Monster means to the world

So, there is once again a strange image that that makes longtime enthusiasts yell “Nessie”. And those who have always tried to disprove the existence of the creature once again provide more normal explanation. 190 more words

Then Came the Rain

Our first 3 days in the Fraser Valley were warm & sunny & then  the rain came. This part of Canada is so different from my world. 180 more words

Our World

Policymakers and Society

Why is it that policies created by government often overlook the obvious benefit of the greater population? For example, back when the Civil War ended, instead of integrating African-Americans into American society as functional citizens, the government pretty much left them hanging in an abyss of poverty. 292 more words


Many teens were killed this week and people are wondering why. I think the young man had his first schizophrenic break. People, of course, don’t want to hear this, but they must ask themselves if there were any signs. 181 more words


Blood Moon

We stayed up to see the lunar eclipse (blood moon) early this morning. It was a spectacular sight to behold. Photos taken from 1:54 a.m to 2:12 a.m central time in Austin, TX. 171 more words

Our World

An Invitation ...

You are warmly invited to view my new sacred geometry artwork –


Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind template, created via sacred geometry (with occasional added images), to open a door to and encourage the flourishing of The Garden here and now; to shine a light on a world that, at another level of our awareness, already exists – a world of beauty, harmony, and love where all prosper in balance and joy. 224 more words

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