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Ouran Blooper Quotes

So I adore this anime called Ouran High School Host Club. I was watching the bloopers, and they are so funny. So here’s a list of some of the quotes from the outtakes. 503 more words

Haruhi And Hikaru Fanfic

Now here’s a new fanfiction for everyone! This time it’s a Ouran High School Host Club fanfic. I for one pair Haruhi with just about all the hosts but this time the pairing is Haruhi and Hikaru! 116 more words


Top 5 Animes for Beginners

“What makes you you?”

When confronted with this question, the first answer that pops up in my head is “Anime”. It makes up a large portion of my life, so much that I can understand a bit of Japanese now. 765 more words


Weekly-Wrap Up: First Week!

Hi Ya’ll! I’m back!
We kicked off the school year with the announcement that we would be combined with a another class. Welcome to everyone and let’s all have a good year together (^_−)−☆!!! 184 more words

Weekly Wrap-Up

AMV Roundup! Ouran Host Club- Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

I’m pretty enamored with how well this fits Ouran, especially just how hyper and high energy it is. Plus, thematically, it just works with the flavor and content of the show so well, since most of the story revolves around the guys sort of harem-ing around Haruhi while she just does her thang. 49 more words


Back To School

My first day of grade 11 was full of comedy gold. I must stress that this took place in a grade 12 history class. That guy is in… 82 more words