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New Life laps at Hope.

Phantom Fingers stroke the Brain.

Cold Shadows chill the Heart.

Ghost Host pales in Truth.

Spirit spins in downward Spiral.

Ouroboros pirouettes.


A Taster - old skool

Greetings and salutations!

Hope you are all well.

I’ve recently been hard at work putting together the material for a new compilation of…stuff.

Also finished a little story I’d been tinkering with. 493 more words


Ouroboros' Shrinking Universe (Haiku) [0046-02]

Ouroboros t-shirt art by tolagunestro via here.

Ouroboros dreams
self-fulfilling prophecies
of self-destructing

Talking out my ass,
my circle’s influence shrinks
and I feel so small… 345 more words

Moore Nitpicking: The Killing Joke

IMAGE: Batgirl’s New Costume (DC)

Last month I wrote an article on Batgirl (published over at PopMatters). Inspired by her new costume redesign, it was really just an excuse to talk about how fantastic the character of Batgirl is, despite being too often overlooked as just an extension of the Batman franchise. 2,179 more words


9/1/2014 - If Only, To Consume

I’m in a strange mood tonight.  Cutting this for third-person fuckery and for potential triggers, but I am uncertain as to whom may be triggered by this.  537 more words


One-of-a-kind Ouroboros Penannular Brooch

One of my favorite activities
is to create things never made before;
this was one of them!
I have already been producing the Ouroboros Ring… 154 more words

Pagan Jewelry