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The Sony Hack Was Cool, and Good.

Sony Pictures has been hacked, and you are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Well, all right, feel sorry for the releasing of personal information: Social Security numbers, medical records, things with no business being in the public eye. 1,483 more words


Ouroboros: First post on my new blog

Several years ago I had the unique opportunity to become a member of New York City’s Infinity Photographic Society. 333 more words


Cellulose and my final four designs.

For my final images I used cellulose to print the digitally printed designs onto some nicer paper. Cellulose isn’t something that I even knew could be used for printing until very recently and I love it. 78 more words


Choosing a background colour.

Finally putting together the design and the background. I alternately tried the design being in black on a more faded background but felt that a light design with a dark background looked so much better. 71 more words


Ouroboros zodiac wheel.

It took me a while with this project to decide if I wanted to go down the path of astrology or astronomy, both completely diverse but equally fascinate me. 340 more words


The #‎Ouroboros‬

Life is like a blank sheet of paper, and/or canvas. As time goes on that sheet of paper is filled with the people you’ve met, encountered, and came across during your lifetime. 171 more words


Sonnets From Hush To Hush X [10] (ROUGH FIRST DRAFT)

In Part XI, I plan to be less cryptic than I am here. The cryptic style is itself a plot device representing miscommunication in less than clear conversation between Hush and Hush. 629 more words