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The Ouroboros

Answer the call

Knock on the door

Go in

Shake hands

Sit down

Drink tea

Eat chipati

Preach love

Hug necks


Ride the bus… 27 more words


Small Object of Desire #71 - A Snake

Yes, I would posit that a snake can be an object of desire. I don’t understand why but many people keep snakes as pets. Certainly, to a snake charmer a cobra is more than just an object of desire. 310 more words

Public Art

Stress and "Metastress"

What exactly is stress? Stress is the body’s response to external stimuli – “stressors”. When we are stressed, our heart begins to beat faster, our hair stands on end and we feel a gnawing in the pit of our stomachs. 343 more words


"Prelude to Ouroboros" -by Cliff Pyke


 Instilled into the very heart of humanity is physical and spiritual law; law that exacts itself in physical and spiritual ways, and cannot be circumvented, yet somehow humanity manages to ignore the pulse, much to our detriment—for there is a higher price to be paid, and it will be exacted from all accordingly, without exception. 628 more words


"Ouroboros" -by Cliff Pyke


 As chaos, stabilization, and stagnation, cycle, through momentous circles of creation, birth, and evolution, time and existence –births concrete and abstract frictions, heat up, forming a nexus into which elemental possibilities spill into, grow, and then decay. 106 more words


Ouroboros Ring

The Ouroboros has been important
in religious and mythological imagery,
used in alchemical illustrations,
where it symbolizes the circular nature of their work.

The Ouroboros… 170 more words

Amulets By Merlin

Ouroboros - JocJonJosch in Sion, 2013

I pass through curtains to enter a dimly-lit, windowless room. It has stone walls, stone floor, a stone ceiling. I am naked. An audience of strangers stands in the shadows. 3,600 more words