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*fresh start

a new start; an act of starting over. (*Typically: get ~; get off to ~; give someone ~; have ~; make ~.)


My first interview!

I was interviewed this morning by OrangeBerry Book Tours on Twitter.

For the people who aren’t on Twitter, I thought I’d repeat the interview here and extend some of the answers. 857 more words

On Writing

An extract from The Ouroboros Key has been posted at Mommy Adventures with Ravina. Go read it. I’ll wait….

I was so glad to see that this was the scene used for the extract as it’s one part in the story (in fact, all of the New Mexico scenes) that I can directly put some photographs to and share with you. 293 more words


The Media: An Ouroboros

An Ouroboras is that familiar image of a serpent biting it’s own tail. Reflecting back on the Intro to Communications and Media subject, this is what I’ve learnt the media to be. 300 more words


Affective meanderings: Too much to say today

I’ve been wading through writings on affect as I work through the introductory chapter to my dissertation. I’m going to use this forum as an opportunity to think through some of the literature and criticism on the topic. 1,123 more words

The Left Is Eating Itself

For RicochetJon Gabriel writes:  The Ouroboros is an ancient image showing a large serpent consuming its own tail. Venerated by Greeks, Egyptians and… 376 more words