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Cyhyraeth - Servant To The Fire OUT NOW

We’ve got news for you folks, Servant To The Fire is one of the most intense, brutal, volatile, , releases you will have heard all year. 210 more words


ENTRENCH - Violent Procreation OUT NOW!

Entrench are pissed off! Violent Procreation is a mean, meaty record, with forceful, straight-ahead midpaced tempo to ripping fast Thrash beats, but the riffs never let up, screams with pent-up fury on every track, ravaging each syllable as if they mean to rip it from the air with his teeth. 115 more words


MADEON brings the VIBES!

Madeon is with out a doubt one of the most talented young producers in the game.  With a growing fan base as well as catalog, Madeon will continue to deliver for some time to come.  62 more words


APOCRYFAL - Aberration of Mind OUT NOW! Finnish Death Metal!

“Aberration of Mind” is a fine representation of the genre with top-notch songwriting, pitch-black atmosphere, and some absolutely wicked guitar work. The blasting and axe slaughter is above reproach, yet it’s the catchy choruses on tracks like the EP openers “Contra” and “Mother of All” will get you every time. 194 more words


DEAD SNOW 2: RED vs DEAD **Now out on DVD**

Whoot! This film has been getting killer reviews!

Can’t wait to watch it!!

Dead Snow 2: RED vs DEAD

I think it classifies as a Christmas movie? 9 more words


DREAMGRAVE - Presentiment Out Now!

Wrapped in an abstract, distress-filled fantasy the album presents their impressions about our world, our society, ourselves – the reason we are here and ultimately the ending we are headed. 237 more words