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Who can benefit from the existence of free energy suppressions?

Nikola Tesla was not the first, nor the last remaining … Today’s “Timeless” was released for the first time on 30 October 2013.

Who can benefit from the results of research behind the silence? 884 more words

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Tap Into Your Local Brewhouse

Our website administrator keeps pestering me to write another blog about beer. I did one last spring, and I thought that was enough. But no. Oh well, since the big… 533 more words


Flyer SLOB

• #1 screens for #2
• #4 screens for #1

• #3 passes to #1
• #4 ball screens for #1
• #5 back screens #3
• #4 and #5 screen for #2


Warning to mankind!

Today, we are living in the 21st century are following with interest the progress of applied and theoretical physics, fascinated look into images of Mars and colorful panoramas of star clusters, remote lighting for many years, waiting for the interview and the works of famous scientists and feel definitely introduction to the innermost secrets of life. 1,868 more words

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TEN crazy theories about space !

Space, the final frontier. The seemingly endless space, tayaschee an infinite number of things before the most unknown and dangers that can not imagine not to mention the fact to understand, even ingenious mind of man. 2,672 more words

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Out of Bounds Plays: SLOB 1

The following is from Greg Kapsimalis, Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach, New Trier High School (IL):

• #4 screens for #2
• #4 posts up
• #1 back screens for #5 and goes to the ball


Ufologists: Giant UFO pursues ISS !

Ufoologi made another sensational statement. After watching another broadcast from space, filmed with video cameras installed on the International Space Station (ISS), hunters aliens immediately hypothesized that the photographs gigantic unidentified flying object (see video below). 110 more words

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