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Out of Focus

Out of focus photography creates an interesting vibe that captures someone’s attention. It is probably in part that our minds try to get the image to focus by staring at it that we are so attracted to it, but none-the-less it makes us stop and look. 58 more words


I took some close-ups of my Christmas tree just after it went up, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I posted them here…

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Being Sharp Isn't Everything

OK, I am not taking about brains here, although having your wits about you is always a good thing, especially when traveling in unfamiliar territory.  I am talking about an image being in focus. 129 more words

Iced Out of Focus

Another ice shot. This one purposely out of focus to take advantage of the sparkling, sunlit ice and the background bokeh it offered.

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Focussing on the wrong things
Life passes by
You deny
Soul wants more
Stories and lore
To tell when you are old
So be bold, 48 more words


A weak spot

Something is going on with my mind. It feels like an out of focus camera that is unable to focus. It appears to want to wander on its own, to leave and I’m constantly fighting to maintain focus when doing one thing. 184 more words