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march 17-23

An awesome event happened this weekend! I wish more people could have seen how amazing it was. I guess I better explain first though. Our work in kids Help phone has reached a climax. 232 more words

Outcome 4

march 17-23 2014

This weekend I’ve been busying myself with a new sport that used to be an all time favorite. Since my injuries I haven’t been able to play hockey or football. 279 more words

Outcome 8

march 10-16

this week we didn’t have too much to do in terms of creativity or action. Having our social teacher leave half way through the year and a sudden warm spout that makes work twice as busy as ever before makes it really hard for me to get into any of the other activities I had planned for the week. 299 more words

Outcome 4

march 3-9

On Saturday, the day that is normally considered to be my free day I ended up spending most of the morning helping out my mom with this great party she was helping cater for. 249 more words

Outcome 4

feb 24-2

for this week I ended up helping out at my church. I hadn’t frequented the main location for a while now because of my attending the university location and helping out there. 287 more words

Outcome 4