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Let "Results" Go

The magic of happiness happens in the now. Most of us heard at least once: “be present” or “live in the now”…
Well, one of the fundamental parameters of happiness is to… 108 more words


Stroke incidence following traumatic brain injury

There was a 6-fold increase in the rate of hemorrhagic stroke following TBI compared with the pre-TBI period.

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I don’t know about you, but I have looked at a lot of business cards in my time, especially since I have started the Admin Angel element of my business. 743 more words


Just take even the smallest step you can, despite your fears, with no concern for the outcome. This is the way to ultimately succeed as human beings and bring about results beyond what you can imagine now. 13 more words

A Considered Composition/Outcome

The final outcome of our ‘Considered composition’ project developing my chosen word ‘Energy’. The outcome represents movement and the energy we release from within, also how energy is created through knowledge and the mind. 32 more words


Mo'Money Mo' Taxes

  Before you jump for joy about a fifteen dollar an hour job you should look at the hard facts. It may sound like a good idea hey  that’s more money in your pocket however more money on a check means more taxes that must be paid. 845 more words

Classical Argument