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The secret to happiness (part II)

This post further elaborates a point made in a previous entry, that “The greatest obstacle we face when seeking happiness is fear.”

My observation is that at the root of most, if not all fears, including the fear of death, is the dread of losing control. 195 more words


1MMD2014 [329 of 365] You’ll find their interests piqued

…when your own plans you’ve tweaked!

It’s about aligning your interests with theirs to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

The health and good will of these partnerships wouldn’t even have to be factored in, if the proposed course of action is of such a high quality that it makes the initiative irresistible to the target audience. 211 more words

Variable neuroendocrine-immune dysfunction in individuals with unfavorable outcome after severe traumatic brain injury

Results suggest that unfavorable outcome after TBI may result from dysfunctional neuroendocrine-immune communication wherein an adequate immune response is not mounted or, alternatively, neuroinflammation is prolonged.

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Battle & Victory Choices!

SMS:“D battle may not be ur choice but d outcom is! God’s promises ar ther 2 help yu win! Wen yu choose faith yu’v chosn 2 win-Heb 11:2. 48 more words


Family history and screening for prostate cancer: no evidence of benefit

In what we believe to be the first report of its kind from anywhere in the world, a new paper has reported that there seems to be… 479 more words


This passage is dedicated to those who have a zest for life, a thirst of knowledge, a need to achieve, or a desire to excel.  It is presented in the belief that a striving, committed person can utilize the distilled wisdom presented herein and make a difference in his own life, as well as the lives of others.  381 more words

Season 5: The Constructive Era