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Frayed by Sea {Weekly Photo Challenge}


Look at these seagulls happily enjoying a home they made for themselves at this beach badly frayed over time by the waves of the sea. 13 more words

Outdoor Photography

Brief Encounter

An encounter along the River Yare, Norwich. On the trail between Eaton and The University of East Anglia.

Outdoor Photography

Twisting Canopy

I’ve been experimenting with the effects of shooting against the light and up into the canopies of trees. It’s a bit hit and miss! I like the contrast and the colours though.

Outdoor Photography

Edge of The Woods

Taken at the edges of Danby Woods in Norwich.

Outdoor Photography


Another Summer scene of my nephew adventuring in the long grass. Taken in Salthouse, Norfolk.

Outdoor Photography


Originally taken for a 100 Hundred Days of Summer project hosted by The Thinks. The word of the day was ‘beautiful’.

Outdoor Photography