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Lutzelbourg, Petit- and Grand-Geroldseck, and Haut-Barr

Hiking with friends is great: you don’t have to take your backpack off every time you need something from your bag, you can blame taking a wrong turn on having become distracted by a good story instead of your sometimes poor map-reading skills and (maybe best of all) you can trade food. 316 more words


Outdoors in Switzerland

Zurich isn’t a very exciting tourist city. It’s small, and there’s not much there. But Switzerland is a gorgeous country, and it’s small enough that fabulous natural beauty is never more than an hour or two away (by train, of course—thank goodness for Europe’s rail network!). 381 more words


What are ya talkin' aboot, Eh?

Welcome to Yooper Express, I am Kristin and am hoping to share the beauty of Michigan with you through this blog. This is my first blog..ever, so bare with me while I get the hang of it. 126 more words


run run run.

I went on a nice, long 8.5 mile run yesterday through my very scenic Salt Lake City. :)

The best part? It felt great! Sure, it was long, and I was tired at the end, but I felt relatively fresh the whole time and genuinely enjoyed it. 89 more words

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Glacier: Kintla Lake at Summer's End

Summer is short at Kintla Lake; even in late August the nights are getting cold, the days are shorter, the squirrels are madly caching food for the winter, and you feel like the weather could turn at any moment.   73 more words


A Quebecois Road Trip, Part 1: Bob's Clam Hut

When the word road trip comes to mind, it evokes images of toddlers screaming and sticky surroundings. However, I took a pleasant but exhausting road trip through the northeastern US and southern Quebec with my mother over the course of a week. 269 more words