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She just gets me: a weekend with my sister

Life is better with a sister. A sister is someone who can laugh and cry with you. A girl who can judge you but be non-judgmental. 303 more words


North American Racer (Coluber constrictor ssp.)

Juvenile Yellowbelly Racers have a chain-like pattern that is, typically, bolder around the head which fades blue or black toward the tail. After a year or two, this pattern fades to the more recognizable look they are know for. 13 more words


Walking to Kirkaig Falls, Assynt, Scotland

I did some slight re-arranging of items into my rucksack and set off hoping that the path wouldn’t be too wet. I walked along by the river Kirkaig that flows 4km to the sea from Fionn Loch (the white loch) through Lewisian gneiss. 244 more words



Picture it: a suburban street busy with two-way traffic.

Nothing unusual about that, but then traffic in both directions slows to a halt. No traffic lights. 154 more words


Adventures In Darkness

The book “Adventures In Darkness” start off as three young boys plotting to escape from there boarding school. They plot a way to get out of there school, into a boat and out onto the Boston harbor. 430 more words


A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Recline

A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two different things. /Benjamin Franklin/

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Recline