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Winter is an interesting (read: kind of idiotic) time to start a blog in Chicago.  The city is covered in a layer of salt and ice, it can be hard to breathe at times, and seeing the sun might, for good reason, be the best part of your day (week). 

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Wild Fish Chowder with Rosemary Corn Muffins

Contributed by Editor in Chief J. Townsend.

Our friends and countrymen in the Northeastern United States are getting hit pretty hard by the snow and storms this week. 421 more words


An Important Reminder

Non-member Disclaimer Form

This is a timely reminder to all club meet organisers for the upcoming meets whether they are Sunday/climbing/weekend meets. While we always welcome newcomers, only paid up members of the club are covered by club insurance. 48 more words


Ice Teeth in Iowa

Welcome back to the River Ice Photo Blog! It’s been a while since my last post – in between I retired and became a Professor Emeritus and moved 5000 km (~3000 miles) to the east coast of Canada.   283 more words


Sunday Meet - February 22nd - Glaramara in the Lakes

Details at this point are with James Parmley who is organising this meet. If you want more details about joining him and other members fill in the contact form below or contact him directly. 20 more words


Design the Patch for the Big Outdoors Event!

This year the Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center is inviting YOU to design the patch for the annual Big Outdoors Event! The theme is CDNC residents. Choose one (or more) of the wonderful animals that call the CDNC home and design the patch with them in mind. 102 more words




During the day I don’t believe in ghosts,
At night, I’m a little more open-minded.
– Anonymous

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