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"Moonflare" + Love for the 600's | Photography

I can’t even tell you how much I dreaded those two flashes together when I first got them. To be completely honest and raw about it..the only thing I used before them was one 430ex on camera and after that, the ever so (FOR ME..and by what I hear I’m not the only one) inconsistent 580 on camera flash. 516 more words


Mike + Sarah | Wedding in the Outer Banks

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Its hard to believe otherwise, especially when it is followed by a beautiful rainbow. 81 more words


Kirstyn + Andy | Outer Banks Anniversary

This idea of theirs was just brilliant to me!! Put your wedding attire BACK on, exactly one year to the day (it worked out perfectly that way!!) and make it a sweet, playful and romantic session ending with the best and sometimes most unsure part of an anniversary..the eating of the cake you’ve had in the freezer for 365 days! 168 more words