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On Tuesday July 22, we had our longest day of hiking (about 12 km) from the beach at Huisinis. Huisinis, pronounced hoosh-ih-noosh (or something like that!) is a word derived from Norse which means “house headland”. 528 more words


Day Off - Losgaintir (Luskentyre) - 24th July 2014

I was granted the day off – WIN

We went to South Harris to see Luskentyre in all its glory – Even bigger win

It is a fair drive to South Harris from Lewis but it is completely and utterly worth it. 106 more words

Dawn and Dusk at Eoropie - 23rd July 2014

To see dawn and dusk at the same beach I would say was fairly impressive, on an island when there is currently only about 3 hours between these things is even more so. 138 more words

Circumnavigating Scalpay

On Wednesday, July 23rd we circumnavigated the island of Scalpay, just off the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. With a population of about 350, most of the islanders make their living from the sea, and the name scalpay comes from the gaelic word for scallops. 161 more words


Callanish Stones

Yesterday, I visited the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis. While it has been hot and sunny all week in the Outer Hebrides (I got a tan in Scotland?), it was mysteriously misty as a few of us walked amongst the 5,000 year old stones. 307 more words


Early Swim - 4am Start - 23rd July 2014

Someone thought it would be a great idea to get up at 4am to go for a swim as the sun came up.

(it may have been me) 66 more words

Evening Stroll - 22nd July 2014

Seeing as we are having a heatwave here on the Outer Hebrides and the weather is only getting hotter, I went for a walk in the Castle Grounds with one of the other students here.  28 more words