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Things You Never Knew About Outer Space-ad

Things You Never Knew About Outer Space-ad

How much does a spacesuit cost? How long could I survive on Pluto? What happens if the sun dies? 22 more words


Dr. Floyd has just completed a special flight here from Earth to be with us...(Jet Airliner)

PILOT:Well, good afternoon, Dr. Floyd.
      Did you have a good rest?
FLOYD:Oh, marvellous.
      It's the first real sleep I've had for the past two days.
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Shard and Vase or Space?

Crystal shard in cylindrical flower vase

This photo was taken during the same session as this one, one of my first posts onĀ puncta lucis… 11 more words



The best upcoming video game of 2014 is Destiny. It is a new-gen, first-person shooter game that takes place in a dystopian future in outer space. 234 more words

J-W's Photo Of The Day!

No, it is not some weird plant from outer space-It happens to be these lovely group of flowers that I have stumbled upon to this morning….

Photo Of The Day


Did this for this year’s Space Madness 2: There is no cure!

Prints available soon in my Society6, Redbubble, etc.

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