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In which I do Outlaw.

After a long, long trip up, I finally made it to Nottingham. I figured that as I’m always late for everything and the fact that my daughter woke me and the baby up at 3am the previous night, I’d go up on Friday night and have a decent nights sleep followed by a full day of mincing/prep so I’d be ready for the race on Sunday. 3,212 more words


Who Will Defend the Rights of Bikies?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article on another website about the threat posed to fundamental rights and freedoms by Australia’s expanding regime of anti-gang laws. 72 more words


Outlaw race report - My perfect race - Part IV

And finally…

So as its all over now and I have done my blow by blow account of the race I thought I would go through some other stuff with regards to my training/pre race/post race feelings and general other stuff I didnt fit into the other 3 race report blogs posts as they were getting too… 887 more words

Race Review

What makes an Ironman… is a different question to how did your ironman go! When you plan for your potential you get a different picture to the one that actually transpires! 752 more words

Outlaw race report - My perfect race - Part III


‘A’ Target – 04:30:00

The run…or just a marathon…running after doing 112 miles on a bike is not easy. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. 1,300 more words

What in the World Happened? (Series 3 Prologue)

*Written by Rebel4000*

*On the Island Attackers new flying base, the Whale King…*

Rebel: I think a small recap of the last few events that took place is in order. 796 more words


Outlaw race report - My perfect race - Part II


‘A’ TARGET – 06:00:00

Skipped through transition on my cleats, as you do. Out to the mount line where it seemed to take forever to clip in to my pedals, pressure on with the masses watching! 1,329 more words