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Biographies and Outliers.

Most writing on the paths of the successful state the classic items.  The person had passion, worked hard, went to an Ivy League school and had some high up connections or mentors.   863 more words

Life's Thoughts And Questions

Thursday, More Rain

It’s drizzly and foggy, but not windy and not cold and there are plenty of people still cycling and running on the Lakefront. Apparently, temps in Illinois this year were… 39 more words



Occasionally, a dataset may contain a value that is far greater (or less) than, or doesn’t display the same characteristics as the other values. This anomalous value is termed an… 1,652 more words

INSPIRATION #6: How to make the impossible possible?

People around me are constantly telling me that something is impossible. They say it with such certainty that I almost believed them.

Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book “Outlier” that successful people like Bill Gates succeeded not because he is the smartest compared to most people, but that he put in the hours — 10,000 is the magic number. 31 more words


Friday, At Home

I went to physical therapy in my Outlier daily riding pants, a t-shirt and my adorable Ureshii Leia hoodie. Then I did various things around the house.

Taking The Day Off

Neurosexism: Brains, Gender and Tech

Myths about differences between the brains of men and women never seem to die, and the most popular ones raise real issues for women in tech, math and science… 1,626 more words


Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

What kinds of vocabulary are students going to be looking for in this section?

  1. Mean
  2. Median
  3. Mode
  4. Range
  5. Box plots
  6. Outliers

This lesson is important to start off with establishing and understanding these key terms, or students will be lost when trying to compute them or solve real-world problems with them. 256 more words