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Plot Outlining

Every time I try to write a book, I give up a few chapters in. I get stuck. Every. Single. Time. This time, I’ve decided to do an entire outline. 100 more words

All Things New Outline Part 1

I. Start at the Beginning
A. Your Life H. A. S. Change
1. Honesty
a. Two edged sword
b. Test your heart
2. Awareness
a. What kind of soil are you? 23 more words


Writing Life: Preparing for the next novel

Guess what I’m going to write next? Here are the things I’m pondering now, in the very early planning stages of my next novel.

These are just brainstorming notes. 355 more words



I’ve been watching a spat of music videos on YouTube for the last little bit, reminiscing about the past and the days I used to go to shows. 847 more words

Some thoughts on decentralization

Conceptual Utopia

According to UN’s recent reports, the implementation of decentralization in underdeveloped and developing countries would enhance the quality of the state’s services. Many scholars affirm that by dispersing the power into smaller divisions, the state would eventually perform better. 739 more words

International Aid

Is It the Right Topic?

Hi friends,

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, choosing a topic is hard enough. However, once finding a topic and figuring out whether it’s even the correct topic to talk about is another story. 207 more words

Princess Linh ♛✿

Characters doing stuff that doesn’t make sense. (Sid's Wad ctd.)

I’m going to wrap up this mini case study of Sid’s Wad with a quick look at yet another marker for narrative excavation opportunities: Characters acting, well, out of character. 316 more words