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Writer's A to Z: B for Beats

Writer’s A to Z

For the next 26 weeks I plan on putting up one post a week, focusing on one letter of the alphabet and how, in my mind, it links to part of the writer’s world. 1,752 more words

Writer's A-Z


A number of my writer friends have, over the past few years, mentioned “Scrivener” to me, but I must confess: I was a bit slow on the uptake. 341 more words

The Craft

The Truth about August Blackstone

My main character’s name is August Blackstone, at least that’s what I think her name is (she’s named after her grandfather Augustus “Gus” Blackstone). She’s bisexual, in her early thirties, a journalist, and she’s in that phase of life where she’s contemplating what to do next because her grandfather just died and left her a cottage in Black River, SC… Out in the middle of nowhere, but it’s on a lake and it’s gorgeous. 563 more words


Why Outlining Fiction is a Problem

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’re probably aghast right now. Mouth open, coffee halfway to your lips, going “WHAT? But you said…”  1,362 more words

It's Not an Essay

“Writing a novel isn’t like writing an essay.” She said. I tipped my head to one side, rolling my café Americano back and forth between my hands, pondering her words. 796 more words


Into the Action: How detailed should an action sequence be?

I write a lot of action scenes.  Consider that, no matter the potential depth for narrative and character development, the genres I write in also demand a lot of action and direct conflict.  707 more words

Process or Program?

Process or Program?

This is for all those unfortunate writers (like me) who aren’t blessed with the ability to start writing and keep writing a complete story without the need to stop and outline or at least brainstorm a plan for the flow of the plot. 525 more words