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Changing Dogs in Midstream

Book #2 of THE SLEUTH SISTERS series, as yet untitled, will include dogs. I had chosen a Portuguese Water Dog for Retta, since she’s the sister most likely to have a purebred, exotic, dog, but I’m thinking of switching. 245 more words

My Writing Process

What genre do you write?
Historical fiction/romance

How many books have you written?
1.25. Battle Hymns is my debut novel and will be published in June. 582 more words


Post-Weekend Outlining Update

As promised in my Camp NaNoWriMo halfway point post, here is an update on whether I achieved my stated goal of an outline of at least 5000 words. 247 more words


Struggles in outlining

Outlining my story was a great idea! I can’t believe just how much easier it is for me to write with this crisp new outline in front of me! 491 more words


Writing and Critiquing Partners

After taking some advice from a dear friend TS Woolard, I found myself working in a new notebook tonight complete with a new story idea. I have to say that although it took a while to get into it I did get there and I have found myself bursting with ideas for it. 255 more words

Creative Process #2 – Write with the end in mind and the 20,000 Word Purgatory.

I have been writing for a decade now. I have written short stories, professional articles and journals, novels, novellas—a whole slew of different things. Short stories and smaller works were always easier for me—the story line was compact, the end relatively clear, and the road to get there pretty straightforward. 819 more words

Writing Stories

Writer's Notebook: To Outline or Not To Outline?

I haven’t felt much like writing this week. Well, screenwriting. I’ve been writing some songs. That’s my first love as far as writing goes. Writing songs allow me to be playful, show the different sides of me, and get my feelings out. 325 more words

Writer's Notebook