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Writing Tip: Character Outlines

You’ll find plenty of advice out there about outlining, the benefits of plotting vs. pantsing, etc. I truly believe there’s no “right” way to write — different things work for different people, and different methods may work better for different projects. 636 more words


I Changed My Mind - You Gotta Outline

The last time I talked about outlines, I was ambivalent. “Do ‘em if you want,” I said. Some writers like to “pants it” by writing with no outline. 404 more words


7 Steps to Building Strong Law School Outlines

Yesterday I talked about what an outline actually is and addressed some of the general questions law students frequently ask about outlining. Today, I want to explore the outlining process—in other words, how you can get started in creating your own outlines. 1,332 more words


How I Write a Book -- First Draft

Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll outline my process for bringing a book from idea to final draft. Every writer has his or her own way of doing this, and we usually spend awhile perfecting it, stealing ideas from others that we think will work. 1,183 more words



The last two months before November are known as “crunch time” for me, and for Friend, for National Novel Writing Month, and trying to figure out just what we want to write. 583 more words


The First Chapter

Yes! I have finished my first chapter!
I know that writing is not a marathon so I do indeed take my time. We writers are building a whole new world when we write; civilizations were not built over night and niether should novels. 128 more words


Begin Again

Many years ago I attended a writing conference and one of the authors recommended writing your entire story, then throwing it away and writing it again. 284 more words