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What Kind Of Writer Are You?

One thing I love about writing and chatting with other writers is discovering the different approaches everyone takes to developing their stories: whether it be coming up with ideas, fleshing out characters, or figuring out what happens in each chapter. 1,116 more words


Friday Fare: Links from the around the 'Net

Confession:  I love the Internet (affectionately known in my household as “the Interwebs.”).  On Fridays, I’m going to post a round up of the various posts and articles that have been of interest to me during the week: 463 more words


Exploring the Possibilities

Over the last few months I’ve come to realize that, I’m very much of a conflicting mind when it comes to the plotting vs pantsing debate. 131 more words


How to: Enable outlining (collapsible statement blocks) for C# code in Visual Studio

I’m often modifying existing C# code in Visual Studio and find myself trying to line up opening and closing braces and trying to figure out what level of nesting I’m currently at. 193 more words

How To

Good Morning Wednesday

Good morning all. I’m just sending out a little update and looking at what I want to do during this week. It’s only a quickie post so expect typos :P… 367 more words


A Week of Nada?

So ‘The Mercenary Prince’ is done and waiting for its turn on the editing block.  This is a book set to be released in December, which means I’ll be sending the March/April release to my editor.  742 more words


To Pants or Not to Pants: The Age-Old Question

After two + years of post-grad education, a year of working 12 hour days, Christmas holidays, and shoulder surgery, I’ve decided to work on the 10th reincarnation of my MFA thesis. 662 more words