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Saturday, 12/12 and Sunday, 12/13

Forgot to post yesterday because football and I went to the movies last night and left my charger at home.

Good weekend overall though.

On Saturday, I read the Double Indemnity screenplay book again and wrote down each scene Stanwyck/Phyllis is in with a few notes. 220 more words


Managing the middle

Karalee’s Post #98

I’m well into the middle of writing my new¬†murder mystery, and I must say that the muddled middle really doesn’t need to be so muddled. 762 more words

Writer's Journey

Finally finished outlining Seeinng!!

Yes! Victory is mine! I’ve finally got a fully fleshed out finalized plot down for my book, Seeing. Been up since 4:30 am working on it. 140 more words

Prewriting Process

Writing is not an automatic process. Sentences cannot just come out with a pen and a piece of paper. What a writer has done before beginning to write will affect the result of his writing. 758 more words

ESL Lessons

NaNoWriMo 2014: Reflection

So, this year’s NaNoWriMo results were a little different than I had expected. During the month, there was a lot of writing, in fact, I doubled my word count from last year! 200 more words

NaNoWriMo 2014

---First Draft Complete---Phase 3 Activated---Momentum of Seriousness Initiated---

National Novel Writing Month is over and the guys from repair-a-home¬†have just left. My celebrations for winning NaNoWriMo got a bit out of hand but I’m still alive, if somewhat mysteriously balder than a few days ago. 672 more words


Yesterdays Words

I got 1345 words written in about an hour yesterday evening. I’ve a feeling those words may need a little tidying up as I’ve been struck by a bit of a head cold and its making my head feel a little sluggish, well, my whole body feels a little sluggish today if I’m being honest. 126 more words