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Where is the country I love going?

There’s been so much going on in the media lately and I haven’t had the time to write any blogs, so when it came time to sit down and hash something out I didn’t even know where to begin. 643 more words

Outlook On Life

When chores turn into blessings

I was on my way to accomplish a chore – really, a chore. Another to-do item on my list and this one cost me not just time but money as well.  767 more words


The all too visual side of sexism

Ram the daughter, Dodge the father.

Lift trucks, fat chicks can’t jump.

These are just two examples of how disgustingly sexist our society is and how disturbingly accepted it is by men throughout North America. 579 more words

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Communication is about power

You’ve been told so much about the importance of communication and how difficult it is that you feel like you’re already catching up before you even open your mouth. 514 more words

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Is it pressing restart or just unpausing?

It’s amazing how your life can get off track from where you want it to be when something you don’t want takes up a lot of your time. 207 more words

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Hacking satisfaction

Job satisfaction is very important. It’s also an active research area, because for the first time in a long time (maybe the history of civilisation?) we’ve got the basics covered to a degree that we can actually give a damn about what makes us happy at work (and in general). 605 more words

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