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How to be a successful asshole

Look, we all want to be assholes. Most of us just can’t get away with it so we’re nice, but when it comes down to it, nobody’s that nice if they didn’t have to be. 333 more words

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Schools to produce more rounded children?

It has been reported that former soldiers will be called in to schools to improve the “character & resilience” of disadvantaged pupils.

They will visit schools & pupil referral units for disruptive excluded pupils to attempt to instil a “military-style ethos” within the children. 214 more words


We all get to win at tradition

We may not have gotten that promotion and we’re probably not as smart as we think we are. We don’t have all the money we’d need and our health may be failing a bit. 162 more words

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Questing Path at Yule

Hello, all! Happy Yule… yesterday. Happy first day of the Wild Hunt, then! May Sleipnir not knock over your fence in the middle of the night as he comes riding by. 2,126 more words

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Hermit's Log - 12.18.2014

Oh, so many things. So many things have happened since I last wrote about my wee life.

After a three-day trip around my lovely homeland’s mountainous region back in October, I found myself questioning why I was even in college to begin with. 409 more words


The real job of a comedian is not to get laughs, it's to make us think while laughing

Growing up, I didn’t have access to comedians. We had people telling jokes on Romanian TV, trying to get laughs, but they weren’t comedians. There’s a very big difference between telling jokes to get laughs and being a real comedian. 278 more words

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Let's stop pretending technology is preventing us from leading meaningful lives and get real about who is (surprise, it's us)

Hardly a day passes by without me seeing something on my newsfeed titled something like “you’ll skip a heartbeat when you watch this; see how mobile phones are stopping us from really seeing and talking to each other… 407 more words

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