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Maybe an Epiphany


I wouldn’t exactly say I had an epiphany, I’m not even really sure what it would be like to have one. But I do know that my outlook on life seems so much different. 121 more words

Affluent Vs Average in today's world of opportunities

Just a brief discussion about one of life’s forms….

Who am I?I am now a young working professional having recently graduated with a 2.1 from Nottingham Business School. 597 more words


On the Importance of Cleaning

Here’s a story for any parents who read my blog. When I was a kid, I used to hate cleaning up anything. Toys left out on the ground, wouldn’t make my bed, hated to put things back where they belonged. 601 more words


The Viking Dress

So, this is what I’ve been doing for the weekend, lest anyone wonder where I disappeared to. Making and wearing my new Viking dress.

It is made of two weights of cotton fabric, a lighter one for the underdress and a flannel solid for the apron dress. 97 more words


X-raying patriotism

Every once in a while, the topic sort of comes up in conversation with friends and sometimes, to my surprise, I find myself saying that I’m sort of a patriot. 624 more words

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Why the Hermit was Afraid of Bees

In my experience thus far I’ve noticed that fears almost always stem from other fears. For example: my fear of dentists comes from a combined fear of pain and ridicule, the latter of the two being something that was instilled in me at a very young age by the combined efforts of the school system and my own reckless self.   708 more words


Identity negotiation

I feel like writing about negotiation, from the point of view of independence. There’s the whole non-zero-sum win-win collaborative view on negotiations, which I subscribe to…and that works well, especially in professional contexts. 367 more words

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