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X-raying patriotism

Every once in a while, the topic sort of comes up in conversation with friends and sometimes, to my surprise, I find myself saying that I’m sort of a patriot. 624 more words

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Why the Hermit was Afraid of Bees

In my experience thus far I’ve noticed that fears almost always stem from other fears. For example: my fear of dentists comes from a combined fear of pain and ridicule, the latter of the two being something that was instilled in me at a very young age by the combined efforts of the school system and my own reckless self.   708 more words


Identity negotiation

I feel like writing about negotiation, from the point of view of independence. There’s the whole non-zero-sum win-win collaborative view on negotiations, which I subscribe to…and that works well, especially in professional contexts. 367 more words

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I like to play a lot of games, but mainly table games. Now a days teens are playing dangerous games. Games that have drugs, alcohol, and sex. 171 more words

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Why "Hermit?"

Why am I the Hermit, and not, say, the Hierophant? Or the High Priestess? It’s a funny story, actually.

I once had a set of Tarot Cards in which the Hermit somehow got slightly warped, so it would  236 more words


Who is this "Hermit"?

Well, I’m not a crab, I can say that much for certain.

I am someone who sees the “alignment” drop-down for inserting an image into a post, and thinks to myself, “Chaotic Good.” I’m that person who, in the midst of a sentence, gets distracted by my own thoughts and follows the thought-bunny in my mind for a few seconds before picking up where I left off. 420 more words


Keeping up

I think that in a fundamental way, our challenge to be better than the randomness of the universe would have us be is the challenge of… 141 more words

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