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Symposium 3

And this below is another reference video I found about self-awareness through looking oneself in a mirror.


"Use, do not abuse... neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy." -Voltaire

* I am just heading out to work & threw this together quickly in half an hour so excuse the briefness*

I’ve been meaning to write a new post for ages, but I just haven’t been able to gather my thoughts for the last month or so. 847 more words


Symposium 2

There’s a day when i was in Piccadilly Circus, a guy approached me and said hello to me in Japanese.
I’m not sure if i really look like a Japanese, but It’s hard to say hong kongers have special and identical features to be recognised though. 115 more words

Hong Kong

Positive Outcomes Only

Lately I have been fighting with a green eyed monster, and not just because Halloween is around the corner… Last week I helped my sister move into her very first house (she’s a property owner now and I must say that is pretty cool). 580 more words

Peter Pan-ning my Way to a more Positive Life

I have never been an optimistic person. For me, the glass has always been half empty. In fact, whenever something good happens, my mind automatically shifts to all of the things that could go wrong. 529 more words


Reinvent Yourself Now

How do you bounce back from the biggest loss? How do you recover from an untimely death of a loved one? How do you pick up remnant pieces after a shattering divorce? 441 more words


Look Again - One-Liner Wednesday

If you don’t like the view, change your perspective…


This post is a part of One-Liner-Wednesday, hosted by LindaGHill.

Rules: 1) Make it one sentence. 6 more words