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Google Play’deki En İyi 5 Mail Uygulaması

Kullanıcılar, maillerine bakabilmek için telefon üreticilerinin telefonlarıyla beraber sundukları mail uygulamalarını kullanmak yerine 3. parti uygulamalar yönelebiliyorlar. Bunun en açık sebebi… bu yazının devamı ; … 15 more words

Color Code Your Emails in Outlook

Color-coding is a commonly-used, intuitive way of organizing items such as folders and supplies. I just went through my annual closet changeover ritual and now my winter clothes are neatly arranged by color. 139 more words


Food for Thought

The thing with thinking is, it’s like food. They say you are what you eat. It’s the same with thought. We are what we think. What we believe determines how we feel and how we see the world. 341 more words


Comfort Zone Foundation

I’ve done more in one week than I have done in one year.
I have pushed myself to go and do things that I haven’t really wanted to do. 151 more words


Global Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Market Trends And Forecast upto 2019

In the recent years, consumers have been pushing the downward trend in pricing and this has made corporations struggle for their survival. A growing concern of corporations in this era is increasing legal costs and the efforts to contain this cost have brought about the concept of legal process outsourcing (LPO). 410 more words

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Google’ın yenilenen Gmail uygulaması Yahoo ve Outlook hesaplarını destekliyor

Google yeni tasarım Material Design ’ı kullanarak Android uygulamalarını güncellemeye devam ediyor. İnternet devinin yenileme hamlesinin son halkası ise Gmail uygulaması olacak. Android için… bu yazının devamı ; … 18 more words