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Outlook app for Android and iOS boosts Microsoft's mobile comeback

The release this week of Microsoft’s first truly native Outlook app for Android and iOS has earned the company accolades and could be a sign its mobile strategy is finally getting on track. 711 more words

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how to archive gmail in outlook 2010 ???

Easy Way of archive gmail to outlook 2010

A growing number of users today now want to switch absolutely to Gmail from another service provider like Outlook for Owing to the popularity of Gmail and its user-friendly interface. 295 more words


Who are you and what are you doing here?

This world is our temporary assignment. We live in amongst many disturbing things and among people who have very different outlooks on life. When things get tough because we are different, when persecution and hardship seem to be the order of the day, we are tempted to isolate ourselves and leave the world to get on with it. 411 more words

Things Happen

Life doesn’t always treat you kindly. In fact, often it can seem like life has it in for you. Life doesn’t want you, and you deserve nothing, because life is evil. 493 more words

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Here's Why You'll Love the New Outlook App

This story was originally published at the Daily Dot.

After Microsoft acquired email app Accompli for $200 million in December 2014, the endgame for the acquisition was pretty clear: use the established email client to bring Outlook to Android and iOS. 283 more words

Is Microsoft's Outlook going to lead over gmail??

Yes, Microsoft finally did it! it seems.

By releasing a new email app namely Outlook email for iOS, which is unimaginably stated better than the Gmail app. 149 more words

Truths in Teaching | Cut Yourself Some Slack!

Boy, for as many times as I feel like I’m being a great role model to my students, there’s twice as many scenarios that I look back on and feel like I’ve royally screwed up. 229 more words

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