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When Metaphor Depicts the Whole Words

Sometimes, people act like they are smarter than the others
Sometimes they act like they know everyhing
Sometimes, they act like they can read your mind… 344 more words



In the car, trapped amongst strangers, that is when I begin to feel the weight. One narrates, and others do not speak, or encourage. The lightning flashes outside, for one moment revealing a world of stark contrasts — pure white sky and black trees standing like the frame of a gutted house; it is old and beautiful, but inside, the weight grows. 493 more words

Jesus Tweeting ... Don't Tarry

My heart aches to save all of My children. I am very merciful and wish to pour out My love like never before. Now is the time of My great outpouring. 9 more words

Jesus Tweeting

'Cause You Just Don't Know

Cause you don’t know, you’ve never lost someone you’ve loved the most, lost forever. It is like a puzzle and one slice has gone forever. The picture is no longer perfect, seems to be a hole in some part. 314 more words


It Was Like Yesterday

I miss you, daddy. I know you are now away happy in somewhere that I can’t reach. Just to see your name liking on someone’s picture, it hurt. 411 more words


Reflecting on Limited Revival

Recently, God described to me a five week period of time where the atmosphere of our ministry would be completely changed. He further led me to teach “On Happiness” as the foundation of this atmospheric shift. 391 more words


Wisdom...Moves of God

All moves of God come by revelation. We don’t make them happen. We’re led to the place of His outpouring.

God speaks. We hear. We believe. 46 more words