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The Sunday Morning Special! "The Great Awakening: The End-Times Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit"

The Sunday Morning Special!

What is the end-times outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Is that the same thing as the revival of the church which we are expecting before Jesus returns? 51 more words

End Times

Day One Hundred and Forty-Six: Downpour

Rivulets run down the shed windows and along the washing line, drops of water rushing impatiently into one another and plummeting heavily onto the ground, joining their kin who come straight and mighty from cloud to earth, suffering no distractions on the way. 98 more words


Richard Taylor Steps Down As Pastor of Victory Church After a "Moral Failure"

It has recently been announced by Victory Church in Cwmbran (where the Welsh Outpouring took place in 2013) that Richard Taylor has been involved in a “moral failure.” The leadership of the Church have taken to correct steps in making a public announcement during the Sunday morning service on 10th September that he is no longer the pastor of Victory Church or an Elim pastor. 546 more words


Hashtag: Excited

Hello! Hello! I don’t think there are words to describe how excited I feel to be back in school. Summer break was great and I got to do a lot of lounging ;). 290 more words


NEW - "Outpouring" Audio File!!!!

I have added a NEW audio file to the Song Videos and Audio Files Page: “Outpouring”, which is Track 11 from my You Only… 123 more words


Take Your Umbrellas Down

Take your umbrellas down.  The Spirit is falling.  The cry is going up from the souls of men for a new revelation of the power of God through Christ. 12 more words

Life In General

It Just Takes Time

Let’s graduate to the next level……

Revivals take a lot of time.

Awakenings require investment.

Outpourings beg for devoted hearts.

If Jesus explained to His disciples that their ability to cast out devils required “much prayer and fasting” (in the secret place), then how much more does region-wide movements require such activity?   290 more words