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Singapore manufacturing output up 3.3% on-year in July

Manufacturing output in the Republic rose 3.3 per cent on-year in July, boosted by a spike in the biomedical sector, the Economic Development Board (EDB) said on Tuesday (Aug 26). 291 more words


Geothermal Power Approaches 12,000 Megawatts Worldwide

In 2013, world geothermal electricity-generating capacity grew 3 percent to top 11,700 megawatts across 24 countries. Although some other renewable energy technologies are seeing much faster growth—wind power has expanded 21 percent per year since 2008, for example, while solar power has grown at a blistering 53 percent annual rate—this was geothermal’s best year since the 2007-08 financial crisis. 541 more words


UVa 11854: Egypt

So I think this problem is very easy. All it’s asking you to do is compute Pythagorean theorem. Since the incoming values are < 30,000 we can just square the integers and check if the two sides of the equation (A^2 + B^2 = C^2) are equal. 138 more words

UVa 156: Ananagrams

This problem is pretty simple if you think about it a bit. My first solution was rather convoluted – I wanted to store each string in an array and do some kind of N^2 pass to find all ananagrams. 255 more words

The Computers

Last Tuesday in our IT Lecture class, we had a discussion  about the computers, its functions and what are the other components behind it. I have made a short Prezi presentation for thus topic.

It's been a while

Since my last post, and my last proper run.

But I am still exercising, but am just riding Bernie more, especially on weekends. As far as possible I ride to and from work, and try and squeeze in some running (albeit much shorter distances now). 250 more words