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Was BigWind responsible for BLACKOUT in Scotland?

If it is true, the gentleman in this article is right, we will never know the truth; there is too much green cash at stake for this industry. 435 more words

Scenarios Within The AS/AD Model

A table containing the outcome of a few possible scenarios within the AS/AD model. All of these example can be easily obtained using the standard framework set out within the AS/AD model and the accompanying IS/LM and labour market models.


What Price, Running? (2)

One Ring To Rule Them All.

Or rather, in this case, I just want ONE device to capture all that I need whilst exercising.

As shared earlier, I had discovered that running isn’t cheap – whilst it is relatively inexpensive in comparison with other sports such as wakeboarding and biking, my wallet feels the pinch from the peripherals that I have had to buy (ok, ok, not HAVE to, but rather, ermmm… wanted to and got.) 727 more words


Of Zoo Med ReptiSunreg 100 High Output UVB Fluorescent

You probably have a good idea of which type of fluorescent is best for indoor grow rooms at this point. The T5 grow light is every growers favorite… 313 more words

Shure BETA 52A Supercardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone with

1. Carl Auer von Welsbach, an Australian chemist discovered it in 1885, it is present in the ore minerals monazite and bastn

Some dynamic-cardioid mics are good for both recording and performance. 292 more words