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When I think of outrage I think of the reaction I have to an event or happening of something outside of myself and my world yet it creates in me such anger at the perpertrator/s of the unjust act that has been carried out. 377 more words

Irene Waters

Outrage: A War on Nonreligion

The most ridiculous thing happened today which elicited anger out of me that I haven’t felt since Jerry Falwell warned parents that Teletubbies made kids gay. 123 more words


Laurent Vallieres Speaking Out on CBC


When news of the strike first broke out, the President of the movement, Laurent Vallieres spoke out on both CBC and Radio Canada to express his outrage.

Beyond Outrage

A manipulative police crackdown on organized crime has ignited a tricky power struggle in the yakuza underworld. As the police force prepares a full-scale crackdown, anti-gang detective Kataoka wants to start a war between crime families for their mutual destruction. His war incendiary device is…

When Politicians Play Doctor

When Politicians Play Doctor | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin

When politicians play doctor: patients lose, but politicians still win.

Vermont Governor Peter Schumin issued an executive order creating barriers for medical professionals to prescribe Zohydro ER in his state…

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We Know You Don't Care And We Just Proved It

Watch the video before you read the post:

Awesome? Yeah, a bit. But is the conclusion right? No.  Sorry, this isn’t going to be a post that employs false balance. 1,004 more words