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The Marijuana Conundrum - National Pain Report

The Marijuana Conundrum – National Pain Report

medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Surveys also show that many patients find marijuana more effective at relieving pain than their prescribed medications.

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Pain Management

The Outrageous Indian

In the “new” India not love, not hatred, not fear, not courage, but outrage is the most common and strongest emotion that anything evokes.

Be it a tennis player not knowing an Indian cricket player, oops I meant a tennis player not knowing god of cricket, a daughter-in-law, sorry a daughter first, nominated as a state icon. 416 more words



This is another one of those blog posts that may very well get me in trouble or lose some followers on Twitter or something.

You’ve been warned.  692 more words


I'm Offended, Or Offensive...I Forget

I’ve been using the internet regularly for about five years now. In all that time, I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve stumbled across that I actually considered offensive. 919 more words


John McCain, Jeff Flake working to aid invasion

AZ senate duo’s legislation encourages more illegals

 According to this account posted on Liberty News, Arizona’s poor excuses for U.S. Senators John McCain and his doppelganger Jeff Flake are actually about to begin heavily pushing a disastrous $100,000,000 bill that not only does nothing to secure the border, but actually makes it easier for more illegal aliens to flood our nation. 352 more words


Dog Night Controversy!

Fighting broke out in the Maori nightclub in Halifax last night after Marl Bennet sensationally romped home in the DUFC Annual Grab A Granny night out to be then controversially thrown out of the contest for apparently forcing himself on senile, pissed up, desperate, incontinent old ladies. 537 more words


What's left of Humanity?

I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m honestly really sorry for that. I thought I could do something without breaking commitment but I guess not. 440 more words