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As promised, here’s a right pair of tits to start everyone’s day:

However, for those wanting something more human, what about this pair?

More as we get more.. 14 more words


Witness The Tragedy Of A Giant Snow Penis Being Ruthlessly Demolished By A Bulldozer

In this age of internet activism, we try to affect change by defiantly using hashtags to express the minimum possible amount of effort and concern. That way, when those things beyond our control happen anyway, we can say that we tried to do something without having to sacrifice our precious time or sweat. 191 more words

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Illegal murders young clerk: plea deal fails us all

In the early morning hours Thursday, Apolinar Altamirano, an illegal alien and previously convicted felon, entered a Mesa QuikTrip convenience market from which he had been banned by a court order just two weeks earlier. 191 more words


Breaking news! - DUFC advert row escalates

In the last few minutes the online hacker group and all round good guys “Anonymous” weighed into the DUFC cash for nothing scandal that is threatening to bring the world of football too its knees. 375 more words


AZ GOP election: Slime campaign reaches new depths

Robert Graham is hard at work as he runs for a second term as Arizona Republican Party Chairman. While he amasses conscripted endorsements and accolades, daily emails arrive in the in-boxes of state committeemen heralding Graham as a “defender of conservative principles” who has “delivered tremendous success.” 436 more words

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Chris Kyle & American Sniper.

Just a few thoughts on the controversy surrounding the film:

– the military doesn’t exist in a vacuum and it does NOT make its own policy. 457 more words

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Japanuary: Outrage (2010)

The title of the film is Outrage, and what a fitting title that is. Through out the movie men scream at each other, call one another idiot (seriously that’s the best insult they have), shoot each other in the head, and for the lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it) ones that survive, they have horribly violent acts performed on them. 498 more words