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Dog Night Controversy!

Fighting broke out in the Maori nightclub in Halifax last night after Marl Bennet sensationally romped home in the DUFC Annual Grab A Granny night out to be then controversially thrown out of the contest for apparently forcing himself on senile, pissed up, desperate, incontinent old ladies. 537 more words


What's left of Humanity?

I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m honestly really sorry for that. I thought I could do something without breaking commitment but I guess not. 440 more words


AZ's “botched” execution?

Victims Debbie and Gene Dietz forgotten

The Arizona Republic’s 2-word, oversized, all caps headline “BOTCHED EXECUTION,” is the type previously reserved for reporting a declaration of war. 394 more words


New TV show coming to the village!

The Village Councillors were last night literally creaming in their pants as yet another TV show announced it was going to start production in the village in the next few weeks. 457 more words


Woman in levitation shocker!

A woman last night made a sensational, as yet unverified claim that she has developed the power of levitation and that she can literally walk on air. 395 more words


The United States of Nostalgia

I yearn for the days of old.
For the days before social media.
How many of you can say you know your neighbors?
Just their names? 495 more words