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French Kiss

We are thrilled to announce Safe Word won the Audience Award at Reeling! Thank you Chicago for showing some hometown love! It was a blast being in the festival, and a very special experience, especially now that I know how many other perverts were in the room. 43 more words


Outrageous, Contagious Joy - Ed Young Jr. on Living a Fulfilled Life

 All too often, individuals live in the future, continually waiting for their next payday, next vacation, or their next significant other. Unfortunately, this kind of planning and waiting robs us of the opportunity to live meaningfully every moment of the day. 132 more words

Ed Young Jr

All these gay marriage issues are so weird to me.

It’s so weird that these issues been around since early 1970’s. Since then and all the homosexuals were fighting for their right to get a normal life. 270 more words


The myth about women's driving

This is actually funny because you can’t claim sexism on this issue cause for some reason, the entire world agrees on it (no offense girls). Well, according to rumors (not to be sexist) women are like… Terrible drivers (I mean cars… Cars drivers). 218 more words


Ditsy Driving

I’ve only been driving for maybe less than a year, and I know that I’m not an expert, but I manage to not cut off other people, and properly avoid things that appear out of nowhere… 210 more words

Teens these days lost their childhood!?

Everybody talks about how the today’s generation is so awkward, and that they don’t have fun as we used to, and because they didn’t have a childhood like ours then they didn’t have an awesome childhood, so I had to say something about that. 341 more words


Marriage in Egypt is legendary!

No seriously, it’s imaginary. Alright, marriage is a great step. Choosing your lifetime partner and swearing to remain with them whatever happens, and facing all the disasters together, that is beautiful. 423 more words