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The Outrageous Indian

In the “new” India not love, not hatred, not fear, not courage, but outrage is the most common and strongest emotion that anything evokes.

Be it a tennis player not knowing an Indian cricket player, oops I meant a tennis player not knowing god of cricket, a daughter-in-law, sorry a daughter first, nominated as a state icon. 416 more words



Neo-liberalism and related ideologies would be amusing if true and outrageous if false.

The only things I know for sure

What the …. The only things I know for sure are those things that I experience (and even then my perceptions might be not 100%). Seems I get alot of information about the outside world from things which I have read – not experienced. 19 more words


You do not have my permission

What the …. Seems that high risk drivers (e.g. who talk on cell phones while driving, people who tailgate and people who drive like other vehicles are props on a slalom course) assume that I have given them permission to risk my life. 19 more words


Brazil 2014

Its this Brazil’s worst outting after conceding 10 goals in 2 matches.

The sins of our forebearers

What the ….     Currently the federal government debt in Canada is over $600 Billion.  A significant portion of that debt was incurred in the 1980s.  That means people who were born after the 1980s will be paying for services/goods received before they were born.  Outrageous!


It is better in the realm

What the ….   There seems to be this opinionating going on about whether things are better managed in the public realm or the private realm.  Having the miracle of the internet at my disposal I spent some time searching through to find research which would sum up the ultimate truth of the matter.  70 more words