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Brain mein locha hai kya?

I think its pretty common to come across people with the ‘locha-e-brain’ syndrome. (Locha-e-ulfat gaana toh suna hi hoga)

These people tend to ask questions which have very obvious answers. 290 more words

Paul Simon, Outrageous

Paul Simon


Surprise (2006)

As you may may recall from posts I’ve written on Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes, Hurricane Eye… 570 more words

Only Days After Another Journalist is Beheaded, A Woman is Beheaded in Broad Daylight in a London Neighborhood While "Crislam" and the United Nations of Religions (New Word Order) Continues its Rise

Days after a video of yet another American Journalist, Steven Sotloff, being beheaded, a woman in a neighborhood in London was beheaded and left for dead in broad daylight; police responded to a call about a stabbing, but what they found was unspeakably worse. 1,162 more words

Today's Outrage!!

What Have You Done for Your Dreams?

We all have dreams.  Whether they be extremely big and nearly impossible, or fairly simple and attainable.  But – is that all they’ll ever be?  Just a dream? 123 more words

All Payton

Be Outrageous!



Are you truly outrageous? Well, I used to be and I am now again, I was in a huge fog for sometime. And I do not mean externally. 181 more words



You are right,
I am outrageous.
I am outrageously yours.


A Performance Piece

These leggings came into my wardrobe surrounded by debate. When I first found them my co-workers insisted that only Beyonce could justify wearing something so out of control, and even then only on stage. 89 more words