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ABCs of Summer—Old Soul

According to a highly scientific and ever-reliable internet quiz, I would have done well during the Victorian period. This was concluded based on my ability to identify a button hook and willingness to wear a corset. 309 more words

Outside The Box

'tis truly mid-summer "The Walk Home" by artist Jan Shield.

Pacific University Professor Emeritus Jan Shield is an artist worth watching. The work featured for EMERGING, the August 2nd Art Walk at Fairweather’s are evocative pieces that blur the line between painting and sculpture, and quite literally, moves the art outward toward the viewer. 154 more words


Thinking Outside the Business Box

Hey everyone!

How can you come up with fresh ideas to spice up your online marketing approach? If you’re on the lookout, here are three guidelines that can help you come up with unique ways to come up with idas that can help you… 320 more words

Online Marketing Tips

Making The Better Difference

You shouldn’t want to do something better because it’s better

…but rather…

…do something better because it’s different and different because it’s better. 66 more words


Creative Tools – Part 1: Generators

Most writers know that it’s far better to use your imagination and come up with original ideas than to adapt others’ existing ideas. However, most writers need some outside inspiration now and then. 205 more words

Writers' Resources

Is grass really greener on the other side?

We all know the metaphorical interpretation of this proverb, but it is also scientifically true!

James Pomerantz, author of the scientific article ‘The Grass is always Greener: An Ecological Analysis of an Old Aphorism (1983). 43 more words


Happy with my TBI

That may sound like a really messed up title to those who have been through a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or the ones that are a caregiver for a survivor. 437 more words