That’s the only way to describe I how feel right now.  

I’m doing my best to take care of myself.  I saw my therapist, then went to the psychiatrist to get a refill and stronger dosage of Cymbalta.   127 more words

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Blowing Smoke

Sometimes I can be a defeatist.  I get up in the morning and I feel drained.  I make that first cup of coffee, down some water, pop my vitamins, and I look around at everything I want to tackle. 189 more words

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It is time...


It’s time for transformation. Time to wake up and shake the cobwebs off and move. I am truly grateful for the time I had with  372 more words

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I said goodbye today. It hurt. I am sad, angry, scared, and broken. But I did it the right way for me. I will get over it. 15 more words

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The Pursuit of Happiness, Vol. 2

There is a small country in South Asia—Bhutan—where the government measures its success based on the collective happiness of its population.

The Bhutanese government has officially dubbed the measurement… 1,134 more words

Being Human

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I seem to be living in fear and doubt.  I’m doubting everything right now.  I’m doubting who I am, the decisions I’m making, the depth of the relationships I have, the friends I have. 402 more words

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Restless Nights and Strange Dreams...


The old man looked at me as if confused as to why I didn’t understand him.  He took another lighter, tore it apart, dumping the lighter fluid and all the parts into a bowl as he had done with the one before.   264 more words

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