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what if there were more criminals at the top than at the bottom?

Leadership is a curious beast.  Leaders should, I suppose, without being too much of an expert in the matter, give an example.  We assume, I mean those of us who are democratic in our inclinations, that this example is what we might call a good example.   962 more words

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busting the class-based civil service into the one-nation smithereens we deserve

I wrote these words over at Speaker’s Chair some months ago:

Labour has to win in the South if it is win the policy arguments and make a post-2015 parliament governable.

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Thinking Time

Some days #24: Outside World

Tremolante, incerta, zoppicante e così dolce. Wasting Time, che dovrebbere essere un grido contro l’indecisione, esprime invece l’esatto contrario, tra vocalizzi femminili che sono come una brezza estiva e la voce maschile indolente e sofferta. 245 more words


why it's important parents should not be encouraged to take unauthorised leaves of absence

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog and elsewhere too recently will know that we have had a death in the family, and that my wife was given compassionate leave by the same institution which in the same week refused our daughter permission for authorised leave of absence to see her grandfather before he died of a horrific cancer. 677 more words

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the english education system - how it's taken leave of its senses

Here’s how the English education system has taken leave of its senses.  (I’ve tried to be as calm and collected as the situation allows me to be.   1,257 more words

Blinking Time


Light travels into the dark
Into the black hole of the eye
Knowledge comes with it
Knowledge of the outside world
The knowledge is absorbed; internalised…

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