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Crowdfunding for the unitiated gamer

Traditionally, games have been funded solely by giant, scary publishing companies with no visible contact (nor humanity). Crowdfunding until recent times was deemed ineffective and a suicidal way to launch your game, there were no notable examples of success and it seemed that the games industry was to be forever tailored towards corporate interests. 963 more words


Amazing Frog coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC from Ouya

Amazing Frog was one of the biggest Ouya #launch games, turning the Wiltshire town in a wacky physics #sandbox filled with trampolines, cannons, fans, bouncy castles, remote-controlled cars, space rockets, cats, skateboarding pigeons, explosive barrels, blimps, guns, and footballs for split-screen shenanigans. 248 more words

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50$ Worth of Free OUYA Games Giveaway !!!

Summer ended and times are getting cold. Perfect time for some awesome free video games for the OUYA console ! Quickly grab the bundle and play thanks to this awesome giveaway !


Just a Moment with Neverending Nightmares (PC)

SCXCR has his problems, but none of them compare to what Thomas over here is going through.

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Neverending Nightmares release is Today!

The release of Neverending Nightmares is today! The game developed and published by Infinitap Games is available now for Microsoft Windows, Ouya, Mac OS X and Linux. 6 more words

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Legendary sequel Bubble Struggle: Adventures now on Kickstarter

More than 10 years ago Kresimir Cvitanovic created one of  the ‘Top 10 most played #onlinegames’, Bubble Struggle (aka Bubble Trouble). If you were into… 330 more words

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A horror game about mental illness Neverending Nightmares due out soon

You may see a few articles floating around other websites right now about a #developer who suffered a rather big defeat with one of his other games, called Retro/Grade, but is taking another stab at it with a new #psychological horror #game called… 256 more words

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