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Ouya obtiene inversión de $10 millones por la gran Alibaba

La empresa china de comercio electrónico Alibaba ha invertido $10 millones en la Micro Consola Ouya basado en Android. De acuerdo con un informe en el Wall Street Journal, Alibaba se ha asociado con Ouya Inc. 218 more words


Tetris Battle Fusion Review

Tetris took the video game world by storm when it landed on the original Game Boy handheld back in 1989. Sure, it existed before then, but most of us got our start stacking tetrominoes on that chunky gray block with the spinach green screen. 962 more words


Indie Spotlight: Catlateral Damage Brings First-Person Cat Destruction to Steam and OUYA

Have you ever left your home for whatever reason, only to return to a colossal mess at the hands of your cat? You slowly rub your temples with your fingertips and question why something you love so much, something you feed and care for, would ever commit such a terrible act. 1,125 more words

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We've got a thing that's called OUYA love

So, I’ve been playing a lot of OUYA recently (at least, in comparison to the attention I’ve been giving Steam, my Xbox 360, and my PS3). 58 more words


Amazing Frog?: The Swindon Space Program Review

As consumers, we prefer our video games to work. In 2014 we had AAA titles release with no faces, unreliable always-on servers, and were forced to put faith in the dreaded words  1,045 more words

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DubWars is the Dubstep Twin-Stick Shmup You Never Knew You Wanted

As a musical genre, dubstep is pretty hit or miss with folks. I’m not the biggest fan in the world, but I do love bullethells and shmups. 791 more words

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#Ouya Gaming System!

With nearly 1,000 games in its ever-growing library, the Ouya is the most versatile (not to mention fun), open-source gaming console that’s hit the market in recent history. 19 more words